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Social Media Debate: "Yanny" or "laurel"? What do you hear?

Social Media Debate: "Yanny" or "laurel"? What do you hear?


Are you #TeamYanny or #TeamLaurel?

Like many workplaces this week, the News 8 studios have been buzzing about the latest internet debate.

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It doesn't have to be this way.

#Medicare4All ...

It doesnt have to be this way.


2 days ago

Audubon California

Marcos Trinidad, director of the Audubon Center at Debs Park in Los Angeles, gets a lot of birds outside his office. Like this Hutton's Vireo. ...


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I have one or two in my yard. They are sweet.

2 days ago

San Francisco 49ers

🎤 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with Joe Staley and Jimmy G?

The Joe Show is back and we love it. 😂 ...


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None of this will matter to me if they don’t stand for the flag. Will be just another year with the TV OFF.

He will always be remembered as Tom Brady's back-up

Mannnn I can't wait until he gets on one of these football shows after he retires, funny dude.

My new favorite thing is The Joe Show. 👏🏼👏🏼

I'ma miss Joe when he retires.

I love this so much. #74 is my sons number. Hope he gets it next year at SRJC😁

I wish Netflix would sign up for 12 episodes of The Joe Show, I could watch a full season

Miko Stallworth I know lately allot has been happening... Watch this... I think it will put a smile on your face 😊

This is amazing! And funny! And Jimmy can sing :D *Dies laughing with that word game.* D.J. can sing too! *Geeks out* Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Foster's cannabis charges in AL have been #DROPPED

🤘🏾♥️🤘🏾JOE SHOW!!!
NOW, where can I find a #74 Staley jersey in those new killer “Color Rush” throw-backs?!?

Man I’d love to hang out with these guys for a bit! That was fun to watch on this Friday at work with time slowly ticking by... 😂🤣

There's so much personality on this team, it's easy to see why not just anybody can get into the club. I think back on the Dez/Robinson FA bs, and it's easy to see why there won't be any selfish divas on the team!

Oh Jimmy G 🤤🤤🤤 so cute when you’re embarrassed

You guys had me laughing. Cannot wait for the season to start.

Max Stelzer Tom Schmidt gebt euch bitte diese 11 Minuten! Joe Staley ist genauso Matsch im Kopf wie ich 😍

If you would have watch Jordan play trust me you would change your mind!

James Jake the joe show is back guys!!!!

Joe need to ask Mike about that horrendous facemask he wears. Didnt know that things was still legal in the NFL. Haha

Joe has a future on sportstalk radio.

Love the Joe Show! He is talented on and off the field. Sure going to miss him when he retires!! 😥

Holly Mays show this to grandma at the 6 minute mark. She will be happy! lol

At the 32 second mark Bam bam Bigelow cam out of nowhere

Travis Craven fast forward to around 6:00...Jimmy G showing his vocal range! 😂 He actually sang! haha I love it!

Gina Guerrero Girl would u jus look at our gorgeous QB
Just over here lookin forward ta this season

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2 days ago

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers rookie class got the chance to work with students from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley on their skills at a 49ers PREP youth football clinic 🏈

Watch 👇 ...


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Can someone answer this for me? Particularly your the Commissioner, Roger Goddell?

When Tim Tebow shared that he couldn't stand for a flag that allowed abortion, He was hailed as a patriot for his silent act of protest for the unborn. It was shared that he had EVERY RIGHT to protest in this non disruptive fashion, because of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Why then, is Kaepernick and the others who kneeled in silent protest to the unnecessary violent acts against, as well as the disparagement of African Americans in these United States an affront to, and a disrespect to the flag and the United States? What is the difference? Is it because one is concerning a Caucasian, Conservative, Evangelical belief? And the other an African American, Liberal, Secular one? Abortion is a civil rights violation against the unborn...right? And the violence, murders de facto, institutional and systemic racism, as well as the economic disparagement of African Americans in the United States are a civil rights issue as well...right? Will your team step up and not allow this injustice to continue? Will your team allow the players to continue to protest silently by kneeling (an act of reverence) before the flag?

#nfl #difference #america #45 #belief #kaepernick #abortion #civilrights #blacklivesmatter #kneel #letthemkneel #silent #protest

Watch what?

2 days ago

San Francisco 49ers

The new EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL is coming 🔜!

Pre-order #Madden19 today: ...

The new EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL is coming 🔜!

Pre-order #Madden19 today:


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Why is TO on the cover wearing a cowboys Jersey? He played there 3 years. His career was mostly in san Francisco. Thats really frustrating

When does the Madden come out ?

Same game ever year..

Madden has become a horrible game. Too much about online and presentation. Nothing on fixing all the glitches and freeze ups.

Not wasting those hard earn cash on anymore Madden games and haven't been since 2014, the NFL is turning into a joke these days.

You sure you want it with TO on the cover? Usually in mid August is when it comes out

Lol that's a funny joke. Only way I play madden is if maddenrewards gives me another game for free like last year.

Seems like a bluff, last couple years it was like a vote or something wasn't it, no one would have chosen a HOF TO in a Cowboys Jersey, that's not even the Cowboys best, where Emment lol, as for a HOF 49ers duh it Jerry or Montana or even Young, sure not TO.

Today i was winning by 21 4qtr guy quits and he gets no L in his record not right.

2007 was the last time I enjoyed a madden game

Until they fix game ,I play 100 games 95 of em all run whatever play is on YouTube. Every one plays the same doesn't matter how good you are you can get destroyed by a 9 year old who mastered the glitch cheese plays from youtube.I'm done with madden

No thanks. Didn't want the Tom Bundchen edition and definitely don't want the Crybaby edition. Glad they put him on as a Cowgirl so it helps my decision. Plus the game doesn't change enough to make it worth it. I'm still playing '16

The only curse of Madden is buying the same game over and over again. Better buy MUT packs!!!

Gimme historic teams like NBA 2k does and I’m all over it like a fat kid on a cupcake!

Team play that's not ultimate team?

Jimmy gotta be at least a 90 rating....never lost a game.

No Xbox 360 I guess. Not getting another system

James Williams August 7 lock it in !

Looks like 18

Dario Alonso

John Cokeness

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2 days ago

Audubon California

What's the first bird you saw today? If you were lucky, it was a Western Kingbird. (photo by Ken Slade) ...

Whats the first bird you saw today? If you were lucky, it was a Western Kingbird. (photo by Ken Slade)


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Seller's Jay.

3 fledgling Eastern Phoebes

Anna's hummer in the rain.

Female mallard!

I rarely see a bird. When I do, it's usually an Egret.

Western Bluebird

Heard Mourning Doves this AM, but yesterday encountered a robin! Rare for this part of the world in May!

A matter of fact it was. Went out 5:30am there she was shakinh the rain off. I heard many local bird in the bush tryin to cherp tha rain away. They were so wet. I worry about an finch setting on four egg on the evergreen next to the house.

Hooded Oriole. What a brilliant yellow when I opened my blinds this morning. He is a shy bird and quickly flew off.

i believe a kestrel flew overhead this morning as i walked to the office. but of course at home i saw my regulars customers - house finches, gold finches, mourning doves, dark-eyed's, white-capped finches and sometimes, the oriole couple, not to mention the rufous hummies that can't seem to understand there's enough food to go around. :)

I see these every day. I didn’t know what they were

Wild turkey. I’ve never seen the Western Kingbird. Will look for it. Thanks for the post.

Stellar's Jay in Julian.

Say's Phoebe Flycatcher!

Mocking bird.

Male Eastern bluebird at my window.

Black Phoebe

Strawberry finch. Why are they suddenly in Novato?

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3 days ago

Audubon California

California is best experienced outdoors! Tell us you're a YES on Proposition 68: ...

California is best experienced outdoors! Tell us youre a YES on Proposition 68:


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I have lived in California since the 70s, Love California & its climate.

California on West Slope Northern Sierras, Paradise here. Wild life and birds abound, they are my constant companions. We must preserve our state for future generations & Ourselves !

Throw back Thursday! We've been fighting for single payer since suits had shoulder pads. ...

Throw back Thursday! Weve been fighting for single payer since suits had shoulder pads.


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Loved those suits. Thanks nurses!

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