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Suspect in Mission Kidnapping Arrested, Held on $1.175M Bail

Suspect in Mission Kidnapping Arrested, Held on $1.175M Bail


Arrests have now been made in both kidnapping incidents that occurred in the Mission District in the early hours of April 8.

In the early hours of April 8 two separate and unrelated kidnappings occurred within blocks of each other in the Mission District. In the first incident, a 19-year-old woman was forced into a car around 1:30 a.m. near 20th and Shotwell streets. She was driven to Santa Clara County, where she managed...

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4 hours ago

San Diego Padres

We managed to fit all of that 9️⃣-run 7️⃣th inning into this nifty highlight reel 🎞 ...


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Iam padre since.1983...tony.w...steve g..tin flanery..carmelo reinols..roberts..Alan wingin...Benito Santiago..trébol hoffman..erick show..bruce herts..for ever padre.

You know their pitchers are plunking us tomorrow. Gonna be some craziness in Colorado tomorrow

Come on Andy Green show them and motivate the guys

Graham Bailey see they're not always bad.



Rocky outing for Oberg


Rockies are lame

4 hours ago

San Diego Padres

Thanks to a 9-run 7th inning, the Padres toppled the Rockies, 13-5. ...


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The Rockies announcers are lame

It's great they scored some runs but it's time to call up a youngster Mitchell doesn't belong in the rotation.

Call up lauer already. Rather watch him than mitchell.

Why couldn’t they do this against LA? Just saying good win though.

Great game Padres. Bats came alive tonight with clutch hitting 🤘

Mr Black was not happy.....

Great win for the San Diego Padres!!!

At first I was saying f.u Mitchell, and yelling my back was hurting turn off the tube, turned back on amazing no back pain LOL

Myers always plays well at Coors Field.. nice win 👏🏼

Go Padres!!!

That was beautiful boys!!!

Now can they do this outside of coors field

Keep it rollllllllllllling!!! 👍🏼🙌🏼


Wow wow 😲wow...just keep the faith and keep on keeping on!! It certainly won’t be this kind of win every time but just getting some consistency will be a good thing go Pads!!

Padres payed 13 million for Mitchell ! Someone needs to get fired over this .could of signed a big name free agent starting pitcher !

Myers healthy and in the line up make huge difference with the Pads
Get Hedges bat going will be huge

Fun game to watch...for a change

Nothing better than going to Colorado to get them bats going

Love watchin the pads RAKE!!

Neil Weiss just like the game we went to!

Lou Henry toppled the rocks babe! This is what i need to do

Hahaha Rockies players Gays


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4 hours ago

San Diego Padres

It’s a 13-5 #PadresWin over the Rockies! ...

It’s a 13-5 #PadresWin over the Rockies!


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One more thing...STOP BLAMING HOSMER!!! Give him time to adjust to a new team and city!!!

I want to keep seeing Cordero play everyday even after Margot is back


Myers 4 hit night.! That's my boy.

And Lauer coming up! Future looking bright :D

In Colorado and proud to wear my Padres gear! Can't wait to get home to SD where I blend a bit ;)

Great win today. Bats came alive and we killed it in Colorado 🤘


you can hang a star on that one baby

So much for falling asleep when they were down. Good win boys.

No back pain after the 7th we needed this win amazing come back great job boys.

Go Padres!!!!!

Way to go Padres!!

On a roll!!

Now win tomorrow.



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5 hours ago

San Diego Padres

Watch Franchy launch an absolute blast into the 🌲🌲🌲 ...


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Who cares still losers nice weather run pinchi torta way run pinchi don't look back might get caught the hills

Send Margot down to work out his swing and get everyday AB's. Franchy is doing just fine!

It’s now a blowout...11-5. I’m going to bed. 😆 LOL

This kid is the real deal!

Awesome still going to lose this game....


Cordero hits another HR 💪💪💪💪


What a 7th inning! 🙌 Go Pads!

People relax these are young players learning to play at major league level quit being negative I'm sure you will show up later when they start winning that's not a fan n go learn the game

Christopher William Raymond a few nights after almost hitting a 500 fter

And some Lauer coming up? Liking the future...

FINALLY!!! We finally explode in one inning!!!

Way to go guys, what,an amazing inning.

Niiiiice 💥
Keep that lead!!! Don't let Mitchell pitch

Villa is way ahead as of now but we will see

What the Sam Hill is going on in Colorado??? Pinch hitter appears twice? Crazy!

We have some young talent. Hope we can keep them in San Diego.

The Friars are loving it!

Chicks dig the long ball ⚾️

LD Strickland

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7 hours ago

San Diego Padres

Asuaje's got some pop! 💥 ...


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Same amount of HRs as Hosmer....$13 million for Chase Headley... Bryan Mitchell throws Batting Practice...Fan and clubhouse favorite Solarte playing in Toronto. Waste of a season.....

Mitchell is lousy

Well that 4-0 lead lasted 5 seconds

Too bad we have Bryan Mitchell

In Colorado, no lead is safe. Keep swinging those bats

stuck in class, live stream the game please ha. Go Pads

Asuaje is secretly Salt Bae. It’s him

In Colorado. Everyone does

The rockies have pop too


12 hours ago

Los Angeles Chargers

General Manager Tom Telesco addresses the media ahead of the Draft. ...


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I almost feel bad for the salty ex fans who have nothing better to do than troll chargers posts 😂😂😂 #BoltUp ☇☇💙💛💙

Ricky Hough get over it salty san diegan

La or sd it's still a chargers die hard thing

I missed it who signed this morning?

Albert Tapia if Phillip Rivers gets a offensive line protection like the patriots have and Big DTs that the patriots have Phillip Rivers would win many SBs

how can you people say these thing the chargers are sell outs . THey took our money and went to L.A. . Rivers sucks and they have there on the future ???. BY Mr rivers

Hater gonna hate on the chargers rivers is elite

Just go away and solve racial inequalities and police brutality before you die!

If we play our cards right, we can be a real post season threat... BOLT UP!☇☇☇

Albert Tapia football has 53 players on a team

Youre a great GM TT! Ty for coming to Bolts

Get us Vea or D-payne in the draft!!! Bolt up!!

Maybe that bill should have passed when San Diego had that chance.... but you guys didnt pass it so get over it

Rivers has had to deal with a young team. Basically telling them what to do. They need guys that already know their job. No offense to young players cuz they have some good ones,

Beef up the middle of that D line to stop the run

Blah blah blah blah... start winning more games and draft better players

No more injury prone drafts!!!

Trade up and get Edmunds or Smith!

Tre Boston is the one we have left to sign...

He was injured last season

Yeah please stop it about a Quarterback!!!

Ya baker said hds not giing waist his time 🤐

Trade up and get MINKAHHHH

Albert Tapia you don't know 🏈

Get some guys who can protect Rivers..

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Chris Hayre is joined by the voice of the Chargers, Matt "Money" Smith, to break down each game on the team’s 2018 schedule.

Subscribe to Chargers Weekly: ...

Chris Hayre is joined by the voice of the Chargers, Matt Money Smith, to break down each game on the team’s 2018 schedule. 

Subscribe to Chargers Weekly:


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Ok fellows...we’re goin 8-8 next year. On three. One, two, three...

Have a great draft ,, win it all , go bolts

I love this Team. #54 Melvin Ingram

🇺🇸 🏈 LA 🏈 🏈 🎽 👟 📺

7 days ago

California's Great America

This Sunday: Passholders can bring up to 4 friends for just $19.99 each!

Save time and grab your Season Pass Bring-a-Friend tickets online: ...

This Sunday: Passholders can bring up to 4 friends for just $19.99 each!

Save time and grab your Season Pass Bring-a-Friend tickets online:


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What about Saturday? Bring a friend is the same as everyone pays kids prices?

the demon one of my favorite ride at great america I miss being there

Victor Alfonso Figueroa Minjares recuerdas esto ponchin jajajajaja

Giovanni Medina

Orin Winslow

2 weeks ago

California's Great America

Another big milestone was reached this morning on the #RailBlazer construction site. Two of the coaster's ride vehicles were put on the track!

Get unlimited rides on the west coast's first single-rail coaster when it opens later this spring: ...


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Keith Davis Rich Herling Brad Barnes we were just discussing this!

What did this replace

The Grizzly needs to be shut down. It's old and takes forever to get on and off.

Grizzly has to go! It needs to be replaced by a Hybrid Steel roller coaster. Great America needs to stay competitive with the other parks of it wants people to keep coming back.

James Glen Mcbride bro it’s the ride

We are going this weekend. When will this ride be opened. We are pass holders.

I hooked up some of the controls last weekend. This ride looks sick. It has a straight down 100 foot drop.

Tyler we have to go!

Another rollercoaster... looks like we have to go back once it's finished Brennan

Wooden handrail, was that standard or did you request it specifically for theming purposes?

Soon we hope

I seen this last week I n Wednesday it looks awesome

This roller coaster replaced invertigo

Was there yesterday, had a blast! Excited for the new coaster!

I can hardly wait

WOW, we can't wait to ride this!

Melissa Walker look

Sam Molakides i wanna go!!!

Tayra Martinez esta horrible ayer lo mire jejje

Isaac Lo i want to go so bad


Joanna and Jay I think this is where Invertigo was

Karolyn ChauNhu NguyenY NguyenAngelica NguyenClare NguyenMichelle Chang

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2 weeks ago

California's Great America

Don't miss the last days of Backyard Bands and BBQ this Saturday and Sunday! We're grilling up an early taste of summer with special menu items, live music, local brews, and lawn games all weekend long. ...


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Tobias Bergren let’s go back 💕

Mandy Curry aka big britney

🏵 CH BOT TEAM 😃 California's Great America 🏵
👈😺👉 HABIB-KHAAN,ML <3 Habib Khaan 👈😺👉

Get your smile ready. 😁 We're open daily through April 8!
Everyone Pays Kids Price online for a limited time:

Get your smile ready. 😁 Were open daily through April 8!
Everyone Pays Kids Price online for a limited time:


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stress no more

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