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Syrians and Russians stop international inspectors from visiting site of suspected chemical attack

Syrians and Russians stop international inspectors from visiting site of suspected chemical attack


U.S. intelligence has been unable to collect ironclad evidence of which chemical agents were used in an attack in Syria.

International inspectors dispatched to probe a suspected chemical-gas attack on Syrian civilians were held up Monday by Russia and the government of President Bashar Assad, citing “security issues,” the watchdog organization’s leader said.

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Someone on Reddit started a thread critical of having to pay for @sacbee_news. After two days of our team working dawn to dusk on the #EastAreaRapist story, I responded.

Sacramento is getting a lot of nation wide news... • r/Sacramento

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Not so sure @KoltonMiller is the Raiders' Kolton Miller judging off all the November 3, 2017 happy birthday tweets. The Raiders first-round pick was born Sept. 2. Though it is fun to see Kelechi Osemele and the NFL congratulating who we think might be a Kentucky high schooler.

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Evander Kane got a game misconduct for this cross-check. ...


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Good. Stop gooning it up, we're not the Ducks... tho we played like it tonight.

Sharks lost their composure tonight....keep it up and they'll get swept for sure!

I’ll always support my team but he deserves a suspension.

3 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Another fun season from Sacramento Kings Dancers veteran Megan 🤠 📷 » ...

Another fun season from Sacramento Kings Dancers veteran Megan 🤠 📷 »

3 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Bogi & Willie combine for an epic Alley-Oopercut 😱 ...


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Shunje Mali to je ta kombinacija što smo diskutovali, samo što ja nemogu da zakucam al’ će se nešto iskombinuje 😏😏..


Matthew Licastro

4 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Think you’re a diehard Kings fan? Here are 25 signs that will make you 💯 percent sure » ...

Think you’re a diehard Kings fan? Here are 25 signs that will make you 💯 percent sure »

Come check out Santa Clara Monster Jam! Saturday April 28th at Levi's Stadium! ...

4 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Raiders fans -- Scott Bair and Fallon Smith are breaking down the Kolton Miller draft pick and Martavis Bryant trade right NOW! ...


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Martavis Bryant saved day 1 for Reggie and Co

It will work out I am fine with it.

The Patriots were going to pick up Colton at 22, and if they thought that highly of him, then give the Raiders a break for picking him up at 15.

Sorry to see you go fellow Smith!!😢 Good luck in your future endeavors. I was hoping we would get another Smith in Roquan. Hopefully we go Defense from here on out.

Some teams don’t Draft well and we are one of them. We can’t win a shoot out every game. Prayers for quality picks in later rounds.

Dont know if kolton will protect Carr all that well. No second effort and no heart. Plays soft, weak punch. Drafted way to high.

Look someone needs to get fired for today's garbage how Tom Cable was ever allowed back and have any influence on this pick

Any chance raiders move back into the first round? Still a few top talent defensive players available

Scott are you hearing anything when it comes to names on the defensive side the Raiders may be interested in?

There were rumors that Mack could have been traded. What’s your take and what do we need to do to lock him up?

Funny Darrell everything you said is complete opposite of what real NFL scouts and coaches said lol

Is Gruden aware that you have to play defense as well in the NFL? Pretty curious

Michael Miller...Dallas just drafted Vander esch

What defensive players are still undrafted that can help us.

Now we just need Connor cook to take job from Derek happyfeet Carr n were set

We need defensive players right now Mack needs help

There is a method to the Madness let's go Raiders

Think we'll go Vanderesch in the second round?

Where will Seth Roberts end up after the Bryant trade?

Who do you see is take in the 2nd round?

Who cares dont waste your time Scott

Seth Roberts will be cut tonight hopefully

What top LBs are left in the 2nd round ?

Chubb to the Broncos!!! Look out Carr!!

Freddy Dionisio Jr......yep...he sure can.

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5 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

Jerry Reynolds joins the #AllThingsKings Podcast and you need to hear his assessment of the young Kings 📈

🎥 ...

5 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

49ers fans -- Matt Maiocco and Dave Feldman are breaking down the Mike McGlinchey draft pick... ...


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Remember when niners drafted Staley, Upati, Davis?? It's not a surprise 2-3 years later they became a good football team, you need Good OL to win

Anyone who thinks an o-linemen was a bad pick, particularly how bad they've been the last 3 years just don't know football.

For those of you bashing the pick, I'm sure you have more knowledge than two men who are on the verge of completely turning around an entire NFL franchise.

I think it's a good pick remember the front offensive line was terrible even when Jimmy garoppollo was there gonna protect Jimmy G to give him time in pocket

Bad pick between solomon Thomas last year, and this pick this year, two duds for lynch

Got lots more picks Lynch did great with the picks in later rounds last year


With the recent news with Foster , do you think he stays on the 49ers

The Niners didn’t talk to Joe Staley either when they drafted him!

Is our pick expected to start? If they still keep brown?

Thanks Dave and Matt you guys are the best in the business

Gotta pic up good O linemen when you can. They are far and few.

Do you think Lynch will try to trade back into the first round?

Do you think they trade back into the 1st round?

The draft is so deep for DB’s and Safety’s in the second round. GREAT PICK!!

Do the niners trade back in the first round???

The should have gotten Calvin Ridley

Any news on trading back to the first round?

Trust in Lynch! We've been in need for offensive lineman for awhile

wanted Roquan Smith, but we do need protection

Do you think that Trent brown would be traded??

Why are they not committed to T Brown

Is brown on the trading block

Will they trade Trent Brown?

I heard we trying to trade him to Denver

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6 hours ago

Sacramento Kings

No easy layups when Garrett Temple is on the court 🚫 ...


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I hope Temple has a place with the Sacramento Kings even after his playing days are over, the man knows all there is to know about basketball (both the game and the business aspect). I would love to see him work alongside another strong perimeter defender like Mikal Bridges and put a stop to other teams coming into town and thinking they can rain 3s on us.

13 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Don't arrive Solo (Or do. Live your best life.) to our Star Wars Fireworks Night on May 25!


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Claudia Lippitt-Brecher...”live your best life “😝

Matthew Carnegie

1 day ago

Oakland Athletics

Khris loves hitting in Texas.
Well, Khris loves hitting anywhere, but especially Texas.


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Going going gone! To the Yankees for an injured reliever.

Ballkhrusher Davis blasts another one!

The A’s need an awesome stadium!

Krush keeping it real

A’s are on 🔥

Let’s get this sweep!

Simien never should
Have tagged up,may have cost us the game


Oh my god, if I have to watch Pagan pitch again I'm going to jump out the window.

He has Hella Fast hands.I love it! go A'S!.


Keep Krushing Khris! Go Athletics!!!

The outfield needs to work together...the infield needs to be automatic. thank goodness for offense....and Graveman used to dig opponents graves, not his own. I make myself laugh...thank you

Don’t say it too loud cause Beane and Forst might trade him there for a bunch of scrubs.


Graveman = Trash

#Khris Davis GO Oakland⚾💪😎

My favorite ball player!


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1 day ago

Oakland Athletics

Took the series.
Going for the sweep.


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Why is Maxwell still on the team, he's terrible

Offense is lackadaisical again! Another baserunner thrown out....tying run on 2nd with no outs!!! #boneheaded

Not the A's night..2 out of 3 to start the roadtrip..will take it..back at it Friday in Houston..Go A's

Remember folks, we traded Josh Donaldson for this bum Graveman. 😂😂😂

Graveman once again walking away a loser! 3 runs, 4 walks in 5 innings! DFA is a** already!!!!!!!!!!

A’s need to dump joyce & maxwell NOWWWW!!!!!!!

Graveman is not the Ace they hoped for. He is average.

Time to ditch Graveman? It's possible. He can't beat anyone

WOW!! They lost A game in a series of three and the hate & negativity is right back. No support of players, just straight negativity. Go A's & CONGRATS on the series win. Losses aren't as fun but you'll bounce back.

Again...why is Graveman still there?

Do they cover base running in spring training? At least glad they're over .500!

Joyce is now 0-4!!!! Somebody explain to me why they left Joyce in to face the lefty, instead of bringing in Pinder???!!! Pinder needs to stay in LF, let Joyce and Piscotty share RF.

Lost or Win GO Oakland❤💪😎

Base running on this team is atrocious. Matt Williams, do not have Semien tag up!

You people still rip on Graveman even though he's looked better today? Jesus Christ give him a break. He's finally turning things around.

Get rid of the strike zone on TV distortion of the views make me not want to watch

This team had better not play like they did this evening if they want to win in Houston. I hope they aren't under 500 when they leave there.

Praise the gods, Graveman didn't give up a run!

Just 4 hits, 2 errors, another loss by graveman, another run given up by pagan and not one runner reached since the 5th inning....even though hot, a sweep should’ve been easy and useful going into the astros series

What is going on with Kendall Graveman in this season?

The outfield needs to work together...the infield needs to be automatic. thank goodness for offense


There’s the old Graveman we all know love!

Go As⚾💚💛

0-5 8.89 ERA. Time to go.

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1 day ago

Oakland Athletics

Looking for the sweep.


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Can’t believe you have Joyce starting in LF! Especially after his pickoff at third and strikeouts last night! #LetPinderPlay #LeavePinderinlineup

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