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Tame Impala and A$AP Rocky Headline Treasure Island Music Festival 2018

Tame Impala and A$AP Rocky Headline Treasure Island Music Festival 2018


Well, that was quick! A day after announcing its return, TIMF's lineup drops. Silk City, Santigold, Sharon Van Etten, and Aminé will also perform, and GA and VIP tickets go on sale this Friday at noon.

Well, that was quick. Only a day after announcing that it had returned from its gap year with a new location at Oakland’s Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, the 11th Treasure Island Music Festival (Oct. 13-14) has put out its full lineup. Psychedelic Aussie quartet Tame Impala and hyperkinetic N.Y.C. ....

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Everyone knows summer is car show season, so come join the California Automobile Museum on Memorial Day, May 28 as they show off some of the best classics found in the region:

For this long weekend, @latimes recommends checking out the Autry's LA RAZA, Chicano Male Unbonded, and Rick Bartow exhibitions. @cmonstah

Today @ 12pm: Family Picnic Day at the @HomesteadMuseum Photo of 1928 picnic at #ExpositionPark from the #HomesteadMuseum's collection:

Are you looking for ideas on how to spend your long weekend? Check out our#MemorialDay blog:

All City of San Diego Administrative Offices will be closed this coming Monday, May 28, for #MemorialDay. Visit for more details.

Weather Update: Concerts in the Park is STILL ON! No rain here in @DowntownSac - we’ll see you out in the park at 5 PM!
📸 IG: @ndukted

To help you celebrate #NationalWineDay, here is a photo of a giant wine bottle composed of many regular bottles - plus an elephant made of walnuts!

Circa 1900, handwritten caption on verso: L.A. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, WALNUTS AND WINE.

Plan out your Memorial Day weekend with our @kcranews event slideshow:

Tonight is going to be a special evening with @anuheajams ! Join us to welcome her and reggae group @NewKingstonLive to #Harlows , grab tickets here:

We want to kick off #NationalWineDay by announcing that the finding aid for the Thomas Pinney Papers is available on the OAC! Pinney is the author of several books on wine history. #winehistory


The @SacBallet will get red hot this #MemorialDayWeekend! See dancers perform Ma Cong’s visceral Blood Rush, Ron Cunningham’s Bolero and the witty Fluctuating Hemlines at The Sofia May 25-27:

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It was another great week to be a Labs and More dog! THIRTY-FIVE dogs and puppies were adopted. Check out the list of the 35 dogs and puppies who found their forever homes this week:

Astrid Pup - Dragon
Flapper Pup - Alice
Flapper Pup - Coco
Flapper Pup - Ivy
Flapper Pup - Josie
Flapper Pup - Plumette
Flapper Pup - Zayna
India Pup - Ravi
Leslie Pup - Ann
Leslie Pup - Tammy
Morticia Pup - Fester
Prairie Pup - Caroline
Prairie Pup - Carrie
Prairie Pup - Cassandra
Prairie Pup - Grace
Prairie Pup - Jenny
Tequila Pup - Jose Cuervo
Tequila Pup - Patron
Tresemme Pup - Suave

Thank you so much to all our volunteers who help make these adoption events possible every week. We mean it when we say it - we couldn't do what we do without you! The website has been updated with the names of the dogs who were adopted this week. Congratulations to these 35 dogs and their new families.

Looking to add a dog to your family? Processing time for applications takes around 7 days. We suggest applying online today at in order to have the best chance of your application being processed by next Saturday's adoption event. Already approved? Check out our available dogs on the website to see which dogs you hope to meet in person at our next adoption event. We'll be back in action next Saturday, June 2nd, from 10:30-12:30 at Road Runner Sports San Diego. Our dogs and puppies hope to see you there! ...


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My Deidre! So happy for her

Joy wants to get adopted so she's changing her name to Joybert.

It was such a fun day yesterday. Great way to start my Saturday 🐶🐶

Oh my gosh what a list!!!! Deidre, Giant, Quinten, Torrence and my baby foster Dilbert!!! Yay!

It doesn't have to be this way.

#Medicare4All ...

It doesnt have to be this way.


Congratulations to our Photographer of the Week, Tammy Somers! What a beautiful capture taken along Simi Valley's Hummingbird Trail. Keep sharing your own Southern California nature photos for a chance to be featured! ...

Congratulations to our Photographer of the Week, Tammy Somers! What a beautiful capture taken along Simi Valleys Hummingbird Trail. Keep sharing your own Southern California nature photos for a chance to be featured!


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Gorgeous! Wow!

2 days ago

California Labradors, Retrievers & More Rescue

Seeing our wonderful dogs get adopted and head home with their new families is one of the best parts of what we do! Check in here to see photos of Labs and More alumni who are now living the "after" life with their forever families after being adopted in 2018. Adopting families, please feel free to tag yourselves and share these photos! #labsandmore #rescued #goinghome #adoptdontshop ...


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We adopted Airi (now Poppy) back in December and she immediately inserted herself into our family. She is such a love. She immediately bonded with Ella (formerly Lanai) who came home with us back in 2016.

Lenore, now “Sunny” adjusting perfectly to our family!

Thank you💝 for open your wings and save her
Hula. Could dye on the streets sooner but you give her another beautiful opportunity all your team is so great ❤❤

Adopted Zeb (formally Agate , gem pup) Aug 2016 ...BEST DOG EVER! Anybody have pictures of his brothers, sisters or mama Gem ?

Any photo of Princess Leia and Family?

We adopted Gracie (formerly known as Ring) and she is a love. She has already nestled into our family and our ♥️ We are very blessed to have her in our family. She now belongs to our fur baby family of two dogs and three cats so she has lots of playmates.

We are thrilled and so grateful for the opportunity! Our newest family member 'Kuma' (formerly Centarius) is wonderful and already showered with so much love. <3 Thank you ALL for everything you do!

Gracie (formally known as Triumph) is settling in quite well. We are so in love. ❤️🐾❤️

My heart just shattered, I applied to adopt Anna on Dec 30th. I guess I missed her. That's really too bad, we were so excited to meet her. I'm happy she found a good home though.

We adopted Louvre, who is now Mochi! She is a cutie and she and Sumo are doing well.

My GF and I adopted Sydney a little over a month ago and we love her to death! Thank you!!!

So wonderful to see our foster pups Amity, Unity, and Sympathy going to great families. They are sure to grow into amazingly great dogs.

Athena and Rosa, November 2016😍

Would love to see how Lucy is doing.💜 Adopted April 16th, 2016.

Any Crayola parents? Our Robin's egg (Freyja) looks suspiciously like labradane!

Harlow (formerly Harvest) and her puppy Sydney ( formerly Barley) enjoying beach camping!

We adopted Gretel (now Piper) back in February 2017! Love this sweet nugget so much!

Any photo of Sonia?

Ollie (Brioche from the Focaccia pups) is the BEST. He is such a smart dog and a really sweet guy ❤️

Atlas (formerly triumph pup - success) is such a sweet loving little guy. So happy he joined our family!

It warms my heart to see all the dogs and their new families! So much love in their future!!!!

This is Bryer, formally Reeses of the candy pups (she's the tan one), and her best friend Sooty. Bryer is almost 3 years old and LOVES to chase her tire. We moved to TN where she chases squirrels and birds all day long. Love her to Reeses Pieces!

Glad you had good weather for a good adoption day!!! :)

Gracie is a love!

Wonderful news!

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3 days ago

California Labradors, Retrievers & More Rescue

Forever families wanted! Meet some of the available puppies from Labs and More!

The puppies pictured here are our single pups, pairs of pups, or remaining puppies from larger litters. If you asked them, they'd say we saved the best for last! These puppies range in age from 9 weeks to 4 months. Like all puppies they are looking for families who understand the time and commitment needed to raise, train, socialize, and exercise a young pup. Adopting a puppy isn't the right fit for every family, but it can be a very rewarding experience if you have the time and energy to give a young pup what they need. If you are interested in adopting through Labs and More, the first step in being approved to adopt is applying online at Our dogs are located in Southern California. Please share to help these puppies find their forever homes! #savedthebestforlast ...


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How long is the adoption process?

Meghan Mitchell Tudor !!!!

Kat Meckler omg 😭

Marycarmen Blanco quiero otro!

Cat Zizzo

Ian Casson

Jenna Sanders

Throw back Thursday! We've been fighting for single payer since suits had shoulder pads. ...

Throw back Thursday! Weve been fighting for single payer since suits had shoulder pads.


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Loved those suits. Thanks nurses!

4 days ago

California Nurses Association

No one should have to go broke just getting to the hospital and nurses know Uber is NOT the solution. If the rest of the industrialized world can provide #MedicareforAll so can we!

In America, taking an Uber to the hospital is more affordable than calling an ambulance. ...


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This is not true. When my car was totalled and I needed to go to the hospital, my insurance paid for all of it because it was an emergency. Also note, that they took me to a hospital that´s not even part of my plan. If I paid anything, it was a small copay.

Medicare for all is the future!

California could lead the way with our #SB562 guaranteed healthcare for all initiative.

Last time I checked an Uber ride doesn’t have medical staff or equipment.

I worked for AMR and we charged for EVERYTHING including paper sheets and oxygen!! And charged per mile. Was only paid $13.00. So they make a lot of $$

Better health care in Germany.

Not in America.. health care greed.. $1000 or more per ride.. especially no insurance and not life threatening 😔

In the UK you dont pay for Ambulance at all . Disclaimer you pay towards the NHS with National insurance payments out your wages

No the price is so high in America is because a large part of society use EMS as free taxi! In rural Ga. They will claim chest pain 2 counties over and once they get to hospital, get some morphine and then leave against medical advice, to go stay with their local family for weekend, happens every weekend.

Maybe if people didn’t abuse the EMS system in the US, but when they call the ambulance for a sore throat, or cold, or just a ride across town, it’s a problem!

And what happens if you then really need help in the Uber "cab?"
The driver calls an ambulance - if you're lucky

Could it be that the uber driver is not equip to save your life, nor does he hold the responsibility of a first responder 🧐
Medical costs are inappropriate FOR SURE, however jumping to the other extreme doesn’t work either.

My friend fell in Avignon, France last year. The ambulance ride and ER visit was free.

UK ambulance and health care is free, any drugs prescribed by A and E, or a GP, has to be paid for, £8.55 (? I might be off with the small change ) per item.

their healthcare is not free. i have many friends in germany. they pay!! dont fool yurself.

This is only for the middle class. Welfare people ride for free!

People should stop using ambulances when they are constipated!

I was recently taken to the hospital because I fell and then transferred to another hospital. Between both ambulance rides which were not that far the cost was almost $3000! Thankfully my insurance covered 100% of the cost.

True brian

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4 days ago

California Labradors, Retrievers & More Rescue

Check out these pictures of just some of the dogs and puppies who attended last weekend's adoption event and are still looking for their forever homes. Interested in adopting from Labs and More? The first step in being approved to adopt is submitting an online application at Processing time for applications takes around 7 days, at which point an adoption coach will contact you to request photos of your home yard, lease agreement (if applicable), and to complete a phone interview. Our dogs are located in Southern California. Please SHARE to help these pups find their forever homes! #AdoptDontShop ...


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You forgot Astrid pups Dragon and Hiccup.

All beautiful looking dogs.

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