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'This Is Us' Actor Justin Hartley: I Was Sexually Harassed by Fan

'This Is Us' Actor Justin Hartley: I Was Sexually Harassed by Fan


"'If I did that to you, I would be in prison. Please do not do that,'" "This Is Us" actor Justin Hartley told the fan who sexually harassed him while he dined.

He may play a famous actor in his role on 'This Is Us,' but in real life, Justin Hartley also has to deal with some unexpected encounters as a result of his fame.

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3 minutes ago

CBS Los Angeles

#BREAKING: 5 students at Fletcher Drive Elementary treated after ingesting unspecified substance, per LAPD

CBS2's Dave Lopez headed to the scene ...

1 hour ago

Audubon California

Fisherman John Mellor shared this cool clip of Townsend's Warblers on his boat. Mellor fishes off the Farallon Islands, and says he gets a lot of songbirds resting on his boat out there. He keeps bird seed on hand to share with them. ...


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Oh I love seeing these birds! Thanks

Good man, John Mellor. Don’t know him, but I know he must be a very good man.

I have to love a fisherman that keeps a succulent collection on his boat! Plus seeds for little birds.

Isabel Glenn start putting your succulents outside! maybe youll attract some birds!

1 hour ago

CBS Los Angeles

WATCH LIVE: Lava continues to spew from a fissure from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. ...


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What’s that

where is all this lava going?



Earth fury



Yikes! Heavens to Betsy!

Excellent pictures

To the ocean


Most excellent.


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2 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

‪Important Dodger Dog happenings on the set of Good Day L.A. this morning. ‬

‪Tonight is $1 Dodger Dog Night at Dodger Stadium! Get tickets at‬ ...

‪Important Dodger Dog happenings on the set of Good Day L.A. this morning. ‬

‪Tonight is $1 Dodger Dog Night at Dodger Stadium! Get tickets at‬


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Why, that's cheap at half the price!

Are the veggie dogs $1?

See you at the game!

Annette Banuelos Stephanie Fuentes Najera Debbie Fuentes

Jerry Golden

3 hours ago

CBS Los Angeles

They usually cost $6.50, but fans can get a Dodger Dog for just a buck to kick off a 10-game homestand tonight against the Rockies ...

They usually cost $6.50, but fans can get a Dodger Dog for just a buck to kick off a 10-game homestand tonight against the Rockies


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Reason its so high is the vendors have to buy from the dodgers and turn around and sell it to you. Dodgers rake in most of the profit while the vendor barely makes ends meet.

That is the skinniest hot dog I have ever seen!! Why don't you all come to Pensacola, Florida and watch baseball at the Whahoo stadium and get a real hot dog? Very sad picture there.

dont trust cook at dodger stadium for hot dogs. eat somewhere else before going to dodger.

they are not even worth it at that price. Costco is [email protected]

Go to Costco before the game, don't eat that trash.

They had to do something after starting so horrible.. it's the at least they can do.. heck what do hot dogs cost

Or just buy rf pavilion seats ..$35 all you stuff in your mouth

Most over rated hotdog ever just like the team and their fans.

I don’t trust the food there. I also don’t trust the doyers.

Take tortas de frijoles from home instead

Jose Aceves you can see your team and enjoy a cheap dog!!!!

Don’t worry, the doyers will lose again

One dollar hot dogs to watch a garbage team seem fair...

Wow $ 1 ... Ill take 6 . and cold brewski. ..

650$no way!!!

Rather have carne asada fries

It’s all long.

Not bad....


Andy Rodriguez

Eddie Pacheco

Stephanie Amato

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3 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

#Dodgers win four in a row and sweep the Nationals! #LADetermined ...


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Amazing how the fan base turns around when they win a few games. I am sure a lot of these “supporters” are the same ones that were calling for management to be fired last week. They were on hiatus all of last year and probably got burned out during the playoffs. Maybe it was in their plans to start off slow so it doesn’t happen again.

Win 60, lose 60, it’s the other 42 that count. Let’s get it done! Last year’s 104 was great. I think this year 92 should win the division. I’d like to see the Dodgers be strong all year, but especially in October.

Starting to come around since the "walking wounded" have returned... now if Kersh comes back, and, BTW: does anyone have a great treatment for BLISTERS? Contact R Hill, care of L.A. Dodgers...

Where are ALL my Dodger hypocrites, bandwagoners and wannabe fans ,now praising the Dodgers, smfh

Is it me or did these bats come to life about the time Turner returned?

Last season the Dynamic Duo was Seager and Bellinger....this season, Kemp and Puig??
Go Dodgers! 💙⚾️

From a long time dodger fan.. I do think we need to make a move of some sort whether it is another bat in the lineup or an ace

Have to win every series now until the all star break our goal should to be within 4 in the division and wild card come trade deadline
And go get Britton, Hand , Hammels or Machado

Les hacía falta Turner, Puig, y que Bellinger despertara... hasta Maeda por fin lanza strikes!! 😱😱 y mi Jansen ahora sí puede ser lo que es... cerrador!!
Dodgers are back!! 💪🏻💪🏻

Now we are getting somewhere!! Let’s Go Blue 💙⚾️

The Galloping Ginger has returned.....

The season is 162 regular season games. This team is quietly only 5 games out of first place right now. Let’s all just take a moment and exhale.

Cool. Now They have same number of wins as the Padres! It only took a four game win streak to accomplish that goal


I don’t really know if I am more excited that this team is finally showing some life or that Arizona is sucking so bad! Either way I really am enjoying it.

All I had to do was drop Puig from my fantasy team aaaaaand now he's turning it on.

The series against Colorado will prove the true awesomeness of Dodger baseball. The Nats have a lot of injuries. Go Dodgers!

If we get 2 out of every 3 for the next 5 weeks, we'll be in fantastic shape.

We were there for the Saturday night and Sunday games... So proud of the BLUE! 🎉💙⚾️🙌🏽

Turners back... it shows how much of a leader he is on the team. I LOVE THIS TEAM

Win or lose Always a Dodger fan here!!

Go Blue! So glad we’re playing with a healthier roster. 💙⚾️💙

It seems like we are a totally different team Red is healthy. He’s definitely the spark of this team.

Just keep sweeping, just keep sweeping, just keep sweeping, sweeping...

That was a nice weekend celebrating with you guys. Nice performances,it almost has the feeling of last year. There is only 5 games between you and 1st place.

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20 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

"My dad, Chase." 😂

Spectrum SportsNet LA
"After my first at-bat my dad Chase told me to use his bat, and I did, and first pitch I hit a homer."

Kike Hernández chats with Alanna Rizzo following the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2 win against the Washington Nationals. ...


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I live in the Philly area. The three jerseys I see most often for individual athletes are Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons of the Sixers...and #26 Chase Utley of the Phillies. Utley is still beloved here (and hated by Mets fans).

Kiké killing another interview. He should be in the booth when he decides to hang them up.

Afterwards, taylor and barnes asked Hernandez' "dad" if he had any spares they could use...

Jennifer Zuniga my dad, chase (Utley 😂) that's why Utley was smiling! He never smiles lol

Is he standing on the box again?

HATS OFF TO Dodger Dad #Utley

Some Dodger fan named Tim Trummell predicted the entire series...Like a psychic. .Trip out.

Are the Dodgers on TV yet?

You've caught a great wave Dodgers...just keep on riding it!!!!!!! I see light at the end of the tunnel but it won't be easy...

Good job POPS!!! (Chase)!!!

FATHER KNOWS BEST. Just got to get them ALL to listen!!!

I watched most of the Dodgers game today.

I love everything about this

Dodgers on the rise and dbags in free fall in the standings 😀

Aweseome!!! You guys are the best!!! LOL!! Always make me chuckle!! :)

Forever the Chase and Dodgers. Go Blue!

Always listen to dad!!! 💙

Yay!! I was the 1000th like!! 😂😂😂


Alicia lmao! My Dad Chase!

Wow that's cool

Hahaha that's awesome

Love it !!! lol 😂💙⚾️💙⚾️😂

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21 hours ago

Los Angeles Dodgers

💣💣💣 ...


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Jason Stevens Yasss



Los dodgers an vuelto cuidado dbcks


Georgie & Raymond
Another W 🏆


Destiny Jones ✋🏼😁

This looks like last years team. A collective effort with the bats with risp today. #GoBlue!

Cody Fingerson

Alex Ortega

Tim Barcellos

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3 days ago

Audubon California

The story of the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary is an amazing tale of of a community rising up to defend a natural treasure in their community. With the Center's 60th anniversary, we created this great video reviewing the history of the place, and what it portends for the future. ...

3 days ago

Audubon California

What's the first bird you saw today? Perhaps it was a Black Oystercatcher. (photo by Blake Matheson) ...

Whats the first bird you saw today? Perhaps it was a Black Oystercatcher. (photo by Blake Matheson)


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I *WISH*!!!

A Robin and a Grackle

Baby Say's Phoebe Flycatcher!

Black phoebe

A California Quail Walking Our Fence!!!🕊️

Chickens 🐔

House wren

Breeding male House Sparrow

American Robin

Mitred Parakeets leaving their roost - Garden Grove, CA

A seagull

Black headed Grosbeck

Blue jay

House sparrow

Mourning dove

Red Wing Blackbird in Lincoln California

Hummer, but last week it was an oriole. They are back looking to eat me out of house and home and break another feeder.

Adult male Black-crown Night Heron. In the wetland behind my house.

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