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Thousands of San Diegans will bike to work Thursday

Thousands of San Diegans will bike to work Thursday


Plan to participate? Send photos from your ride to [email protected] or upload a news tip on our app. Your picture might appear in one of our broadcasts!

Thousands of riders across San Diego County will participate in Bike to Work Day Thursday, May 17.

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Satellite imagery from two different space agencies shows the extent of #Kilauea’s sprawling lava flows:

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6 hours ago

The Sacramento Bee

Karina Talamantes, 29, campaigns for a seat on the Sacramento County Board of Education on Sunday, May 20. She is running for the District 2 seat, which includes Natomas, North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights and Rio Linda. The election is June 5. ...

8 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Winning a series is fun. Let's look to win another one beginning tomorrow.

Winning a series is fun. Lets look to win another one beginning tomorrow.


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Just wanted to let you know this post was useful and appreciated. It is annoying getting there earlier than needed.


😢 missing all these 😢
Darn jobs and 3 hour drive

Lets go Oakland

Will be there Thursday! Gage Flowers Steven Tyler Strecker

8 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Montas Montage.


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Nice job Montas and Lucroy. GO A’s!

8 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

A’s win series over Diamondbacks behind Montas’ strong start ...


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This team is truly paying good baseball this last four series. Hope this performance can lead to bring a qualified SP since I don’t see playoffs so far away if we persist on doing the right thing

The schedule is in our favor most of June - keep it up A's!!!

Above .500 this season is good. Cant expect more than that. Maybe contend next year.

Another series won. Keep on truckin!

Good pitching, playing and hitting! Keep Winning!!! Go Athletics!!!

Your welcome Giants fans!!!

Another close game win. Enjoying this. Be there tommrow

Lineup still needs to get going at home. Getting Davis back soon will help!

Let’s go Oakland !!!

Memo Mrg Mesquita

Those hats are 🔥

looks like the A's have some SPs!

Great win, good job guys...💚💛💚💛

We were there!!!!!!!

Tom Kubota getting her done

Frankie F!$& Montas ! 👍


Jim Maher 🙂

Justin Edelman 😉

Vamos Oakland Athletics👍

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9 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Down go the Dbacks!


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Montas outduels Greinke. $500,000 beats $34 million. GO A’s!

Wonder if that snowflake is going to come back today complaining about the drums?

Montas was dealing today

Those jerseys are 🔥🔥 David Durst

sorry DBack boys take 2 out of 3


Yes, Frankie! So glad he finally got the call.

Nice win! Go Athletics!!!

Yeee WARRIORSSS & Oakland As Win baby🏀⚾💪😜😎

Frankie !!! 💪💪💪

Frankie did good.


10 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Survivors took the field before today's Breast Cancer Awareness Day game, and during the game, fans held up cheer cards with messages of hope and remembrance.


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Breast cancer awareness isn’t political- thank you! It’s about women’s lives and health and well being...

What was the politics

Just so disappointed it was done so well in all the years past that this was a huge let down for so many women who have been going for all theses years !! I have some great friends that look forward to this event all year !! LINDY WINKLEY so proud how strong u are and how brave u have been !!

I was a little disappointed with the short notice of the event and how it was changed where we were not grouped together and there was not walking on the field this year making the ribbon. It was beautiful weather and it was nice having an A's win.

I’m always at this- often walking the field with other survivors- but missed it this year- so glad they do this!


Let's keep politics out of sports!

11 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Our boy Lucroy with his first of the season!


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One of the best catchers in MLB

Jed is getting traded 35 year old free agent Franklin buretto will take over

He sign him and Jed

I was there! 🤘⚾💚⚾💛🤘

Resign him please. Max

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