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Towers and cameras, not a wall, keep migrants from crossing the border into Arizona

Towers and cameras, not a wall, keep migrants from crossing the border into Arizona


Authorities are attempting to create a border enforcement system that's more space age than medieval.

Improvements in technology allow border patrol, with just the swivel of a camera, to thwart people trying to cross illegally.

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[email protected] RB @pennyhendrixx finds out he was drafted 27th overall by the @Seahawks in the #NFLDraft

Pretty sure the temp inside @sfballet rose significantly tonight during Bjork Ballet! 🔥🔥🔥 Wanted it to last forever! Standing ovation! Wild!

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17 minutes ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

The awesome reason this fraternity held a fundraiser has the whole community "cheering!" ❤️ 📣❤️ ...

47 minutes ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Marvel this! There is Avengers Infinity War Fanticipation across the nation! But there’s no SPOILERS in our interviews with the cast! Just innocent, sweet, and SOUR fun from MCU’s finest! #InfinityWar ...


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Such fun and memorable interviews!!

1 hour ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Three men are suing the Balboa Inn and the hotel's restaurant claiming they were denied service and called a gay slur and forcefully removed from the Newport Beach property. ...


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Come if you start kissing and touching your testicles each other there is reason for people get mad

they where thrown out of the bar for other reasons but it seems like there trying to use a excuse hate crime.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Buy that man a beer!!! 😂

Guy guys are alright. But I have seen some pretty rude ones

You cant possible be serious... I dont give a rat-a—- what kind of ID a customer hands you or how rude that customer is. your not the freaking Gestapo. You don’t order a person out. You ask nicely. Then you go procedures through to escort the unruly person out... ‘gonna count the days until this jk of stablishment closes doors. Shame.....

Boycott that place...

Bet they dont have a transgender bathroom, lol

Oh theeee😂

Tony Delfin

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