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US to Hit Russia With New Sanctions for Aiding Syria's Assad

US to Hit Russia With New Sanctions for Aiding Syria's Assad


Stepping up the pressure on Syria's president, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley indicated the sanctions to be announced Monday would be aimed at sending a message to Russia.

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He Swore To Protect And Serve.

Instead, Police Say #EastAreaRapist Suspect Preyed On Community

The #EastAreaRapist mystery unraveled through DNA and Joseph DeAngelo's arrest.

COMING UP AT 10: More on the #EastAreaRapist.

A Save Mart spokeswoman told CBS13 he worked at the company's Roseville distribution center for 27 years. Joseph James DeAngelo retired just last year.

⚡️ “Suspect Arrested In East Area Rapist Case”

Investigators closer to closure with arrest of former cop in #EastAreaRapist case, also known as the #GoldenStateKiller case

COMING UP AT 10: More on the #EastAreaRapist.

A Save Mart spokeswoman told CBS13 he worked at the company's Roseville distribution center for 27 years. Joseph James DeAngelo retired just last year.

"Both of our cases remain active but hearing an arrest has been made brings great relief to our victims," - #Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said about #GoldenStateKiller #EastAreaRapist

We're about to hear from Stockton PD on their role in the East Area Rapist investigation. Evidence includes photos, newspaper clippings, and sketches. We'll be streaming the press conference on #cbs13


A half-hour special on an arrest in the #EastAreaRapist case is airing live at 6:30 p.m. on CBS13 and CW31.

If you want to watch it online, head to or

Live Streaming

Today is the 41st anniversary of Rick Monday rescuing the American flag at Dodger Stadium in 1976. It's also the anniversary of Herald-Examiner photographer James Roark snapping an indelible image of the incident: @laplphotos @LAPublicLibrary

The NOAA NWS All Hazards Radio Broadcast of Local Forecast should return in a few days. The Forecasts for Southwestern California #cawx #lawind #larain #castorm

Coming up at 5 on @CBSSacramento the brother of a man killed by the East Area Rapist aka The Golden State Killer speaks publicly, calls for a more robus DNA collection system. #cbs13

Increasing onshore flow and deepening marine layer will bring a cooling trend to SW Calif Thu into Friday, with gusty onshore winds across interior sections. #cawx #Socal #LAWeather

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Gusty onshore winds will develop Friday and continue through Saturday. Plan for possible hazardous travel conditions if you will be heading over the mountains and deserts! #CAwx ...

Gusty onshore winds will develop Friday and continue through Saturday. Plan for possible hazardous travel conditions if you will be heading over the mountains and deserts! #CAwx


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Kristin Gonzalez this should clear up that nasty smog and pollution you posted. Hold on to your hat!

8 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Khris loves hitting in Texas.
Well, Khris loves hitting anywhere, but especially Texas.


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Ballkhrusher Davis blasts another one!

Going going gone! To the Yankees for an injured reliever.

The A’s need an awesome stadium!

Krush keeping it real

A’s are on 🔥

Let’s get this sweep!

Simien never should
Have tagged up,may have cost us the game




The outfield needs to work together...the infield needs to be automatic. thank goodness for offense....and Graveman used to dig opponents graves, not his own. I make myself laugh...thank you

Oh my god, if I have to watch Pagan pitch again I'm going to jump out the window.

Keep Krushing Khris! Go Athletics!!!

He has Hella Fast hands.I love it! go A'S!.

My favorite ball player!

Graveman = Trash

#Khris Davis GO Oakland⚾💪😎

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8 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Should the Lakers trade Kuzma for Kawhi Leonard? 🤔 ...


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Hell no. Trade Lonzo better. Lonzo is boring!!! 😴😴😴😴

"I want to win now..." htat's why he's not coaching...

It's going to take a lot more than Kuzma

Nah I’m a Bulls fan from LA
I’ll take Kuz plus he still needs to develop to be a super star

No. Lonzo . Yup

I'll give up Ingram not kuzma

How about not trading anyone for Leonard?

How about not trading the younger players at all.

You don't want LeBron to come as a FA (LAL would lose no assets to acquire the best player in the world) and now you're saying you won't trade Kuzma for Kawhi Leonard (an offer the Spurs would laugh at btw).

Are you people insane?!

No, get rid of Lonzo

Hell nah. Trade ball for leonard

Trade Ingram for Leonard.. Not Kuzma!!! I see idiots saying trade Ball.. Hell No !!!

Hell no, don’t trade the young core. Let them grow and develop their games and chemistry together.

What he said reminds of the trade for Pau Gasol to the rights of Marc Gasol.

Can the NBA just trade players for money? No Laker fan would like to see Kuz leave.

The problem is that it’s not going to be a straight up trade... ur gunna have to include at least one more ur your young core plus other assets... if it was straight up then of course u have to make that trade but that would never be the scenario

Spencer Mark Jakemer kuzma and who else for Kawhi?

Nope. Too much upside and Kawhi is always hurt.

Trade Ball and get rid of dad is a added bonus! 💪😎


No! Kuzma will be a special player soon.

Why does anyone think the trade would simply be Leonard for Kuzma+spare parts? lol

You guys are idiotic saying trade lonzo LOL. Ingram would be best to trade, but kuzna wouldnt be a bad option either... you realize we trade for kawhi, that opens doors for superstars to want to actually come to LA and still be left with young talent. Lonzo’s the future facilitator point blank.

Kawhi for Deng straight up!😂

Don't do it magic

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9 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Byron Scott explains why Paul George shouldn’t be the Lakers’ first move in free agency. ...


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Paul George would be perfect for getta by us over this playoff jump. And who knows how good he will be playing in our system

Paul George is good, but not someone that's going to put you over, he's not a priority in my book

Did you say Boogie is a tier 1 guy, who can carry the load? Since when? Great numbers on bad to mediocre teams. Cousins has a terrible attitude that you dont want around young players, he is never in great shape, and he is a big man coming off the most debilitating injury a basketball player can sustain. Hard pass there Byron, I'd take PG over Cousins every day of the week.

Byron is right

I agree

9 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Which teams will draft the LA Quarterbacks? ...


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Rosen to the Jets

Rosen to NY

9 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Took the series.
Going for the sweep.


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Why is Maxwell still on the team, he's terrible

Not the A's night..2 out of 3 to start the roadtrip..will take it..back at it Friday in Houston..Go A's

Remember folks, we traded Josh Donaldson for this bum Graveman. 😂😂😂

Offense is lackadaisical again! Another baserunner thrown out....tying run on 2nd with no outs!!! #boneheaded

A’s need to dump joyce & maxwell NOWWWW!!!!!!!

Graveman once again walking away a loser! 3 runs, 4 walks in 5 innings! DFA is a** already!!!!!!!!!!

Time to ditch Graveman? It's possible. He can't beat anyone

Graveman is not the Ace they hoped for. He is average.

Again...why is Graveman still there?

Base running on this team is atrocious. Matt Williams, do not have Semien tag up!

Joyce is now 0-4!!!! Somebody explain to me why they left Joyce in to face the lefty, instead of bringing in Pinder???!!! Pinder needs to stay in LF, let Joyce and Piscotty share RF.

Do they cover base running in spring training? At least glad they're over .500!

Lost or Win GO Oakland❤💪😎

This team had better not play like they did this evening if they want to win in Houston. I hope they aren't under 500 when they leave there.

Just 4 hits, 2 errors, another loss by graveman, another run given up by pagan and not one runner reached since the 5th inning....even though hot, a sweep should’ve been easy and useful going into the astros series

Get rid of the strike zone on TV distortion of the views make me not want to watch

What is going on with Kendall Graveman in this season?

Praise the gods, Graveman didn't give up a run!

You people still rip on Graveman even though he's looked better today? Jesus Christ give him a break. He's finally turning things around.

There’s the old Graveman we all know love!

Go As⚾💚💛

The outfield needs to work together...the infield needs to be automatic. thank goodness for offense


Pagan is terrible.

0-5 8.89 ERA. Time to go.

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10 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

Impersonation time with Frank Caliendo 😂🤣

(Mason & Ireland) ...


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is mason always on vacation?

11 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

LIVE - Byron Scott on Lakers Free Agency! What are your thoughts?

Joins Travis Rodgers & LZ Granderson ...


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The east is weak just like every year. The Cavs may have overhauled their roster but the players they picked up were role players on their previous teams. Nance and Clarkson couldn't even crack the Lakers starting lineup. Don't know everyone still thinks the Cavs have anything. Won't be surprised if the Pacers knock them out in round one.

Get Lebron & Kawhi this year. Also resign Julius. Then get Anthony Davis next year. 💯💯💯 #LAKERS4Life

Sixers are way to experience lacking for the finals!

We love the good problems the Lakers have right now!

What are the chances the Lakers get Kuhwi Lenard

Please don’t trade off our young core players

11 hours ago

California State Parks

You've made it halfway through the week! Why not treat yourself and start planning your next adventure? #InventYourAdventure at Natural Bridges State Beach or one of 279 other amazing #CAStateParks destinations. ...


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Beautiful Santa Cruz was where I spent my formative years .

11 hours ago

ESPN Los Angeles

LIVE: Byron Scott joins Travis Rodgers & LZ Granderson! ...


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LZ grinding all [email protected]

here we goo


13 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Looking for the sweep.


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Can’t believe you have Joyce starting in LF! Especially after his pickoff at third and strikeouts last night! #LetPinderPlay #LeavePinderinlineup

Climate update for Socal. is a 10 minute video recapping the water year 2017-18 and the climate extremes. Record dry and very warm conditions dominated the water year so far. ---... ...

Video image


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Not very encouraging.

Beat that drum! How about a comparison of climate over history! My recollection is that the year after a huge precipitation year is always dismal!

15 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

We took the first two
Now isn’t that neat?
Tune in tonight
We go for the sweep.
⏰: 5:05pm PT
📺: NBCSA, MLB.TV, YouTube
📻: 95.7 The Game

We took the first two
Now isn’t that neat?
Tune in tonight
We go for the sweep.
⏰: 5:05pm PT
📺: NBCSA, MLB.TV, YouTube   
📻: 95.7 The Game    


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Need to score 12 runs

Percentage wise, the A’s division is incredibly close. Only April, ya, yet if the A’s stay hot ... crazy things could occur over the next five days.
Let’s go!

Why is everyone always so negative on here enjoy the ride how ever long it last!! Or better yet go be a Giant's fan!!

Well...Triggs upped his game last night hope the same for Graveman. Three would be right nice.Can't remember the last time our A'S have been at .500 or above.sure is fun to watch a young group play like this and have fun for them and fans alike.Go A'S!

Hopefully Kendall won't dig our

Time for Graveman to pitch like he belongs in the Majors.

Christopher Morelini you called it when you said the A's were going to be good this year. The AL West is hands down the toughest division this year. Wouldn't be surprised if the A's win it. Also wouldn't be surprised if Lowrie wins MVP. He has a better overall offensive game than Trout and Altuve.

Holly Carter, call them out!!

Graveman was our last 2 losses. Could it be the last 3? That would not look good.

Bold prediction: Graveman goes 6.2 IP and only allows 3 ER! 😂

Hoping he turns it around today!

Contribute something positive to our team for once Graveman.

Gonna be there tomorrow. Day late, dollar short. Go A's!

Graveman needs to go

With graveman on the mound let's hope for 10 runs

Let’s get it

Go for the sweep!!

Come on Graveman!!💛⚾💚


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17 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

This past Saturday, Rickey Henderson's alma mater Oakland Tech rededicated Rickey Henderson Field of Dreams to him for the field's 10th Anniversary. Rickey's high school best friend Fred Atkins was on hand and his high school number 14 was retired. #RootedInOakland ...


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Wish all players had the class that Rickey has.

Love how this man cares for his community and helps in every way he can.need more Rickey's!.

Rickey likes Rickey’s Field being red educated to Rickey again

Rickey looks like he could toss on the cleats and have 60 SBs by the break

Not to be a smart-aleck (for once), but how many fields does Rickey have named after him now?

Best player I ever saw play

Rickey Henderson is a man amongst men.

Rickey is a community serving dude, so nice to have one of Oakland's own always giving back

Congrats, as always, Rickey! Now, can you get onto the field and teach everyone how to play ball consistently? Please??? We want to go to the World Series this year!

I wish so would have known about it , Congrats to Rickey an amazing role model for our youth and community 💚😎💚

“Rickey is one of the nicest guys I know”. -Rickey Henderson

My aunt went to school with him. . She says all the time he's a great guy. . Always has been.

I love Rickey.

He was/is my favorite player

Love him and that coat!! Lol

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19 hours ago

US National Weather Service San Diego California

Here are the Highs Today and the overnight Lows Tonight. ...

Here are the Highs Today and the overnight Lows Tonight.Image attachment

Notable SoCal weather history for April 25th. ...

Notable SoCal weather history for April 25th.
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