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Victoria Beckham Can't Keep Royal Wedding Secrets

Victoria Beckham Can't Keep Royal Wedding Secrets


Corden tries to get details on Prince Harry and Meghan's upcoming wedding.

James welcomes Victoria Beckham and Shaquille O'Neal to the show and the two recall the time Shaq found David Beckham's wallet on the street.

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Beautiful day for the Concorso Ferrari in Old Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. Free show and great shopping.

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1 hour ago

San Francisco Giants

Another dominating performance by Johnny Cueto and home runs from Evan Longoria and Brandon Belt lead the Giants to a series win in Anaheim. ...


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That was to close in the 9th inning if you ask me. Ian Kinsler just missed it. I think Sam Dyson should be our closer. He did good for us last year, I really don’t trust Strickland.

We were there!!! So many Giants fans in SoCal! Its was LOOOOOOUUUUUUD

And when, Bumgarner, returns and shures up our starting pitching, we gonna be rollin'!

Belt is tooooo coooool!

Being a Giant Fan in SoCal, i had to go to all three games of course!!!! lol.. Glad we got the series win today...

Great win, Giants. Just 3 more games to even our record. Take it one game at a time Giants. It looks like we are getting our confidence back. Looks like we are hitting our stride just at the right time. Keep it up, Giants!!!👌👍🤞 🙂

First series win of 2018!

Way to go Belt. Nice hit Longo. Get rid of Gearrin....

EPIC at-bat by Belt.

Watson and Moronta are the only two I trust coming out of the bullpen. Gearrin and Dyson should be gone when Smith and Melancon (who I also don't trust) come off the DL. Meanwhile, our starters look good! Cueto and Stratton have been great! Blach has been steady. I am glad Samardzija is back - and I can't wait to see MadBum back!

Great game Giants! Way to hang in there Brandon Belt!

Good Job Johnny! love your pitching style👍🏼
and your smile 😉

Cueto in April!
Keep in coming Belt!

I’m glad Cueto had a crappy 2017.

Good they need to string a bunch of these series wins together

I love it! Cueto was a BEAST! Now, I think it's time to send Osich to AAA, the guy needs to go back to gaining his fundamentals.

Keep that mojo going!


worried about Cueto. Hope it’s nothing serious.

Way to go!

Gotta love watching Cueto pitch!

Nice game and series Giants....

What an at bat

Way to go Giants!


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2 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Series victory 👊🏾 #SFGiants ...

Series victory 👊🏾 #SFGiants


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Series win! Way to go, Giants! Great pitching by Cueto, and Belt comes through again! A little nerve-wracking with Strickland in the ninth, but a welcome W

Another almost blown save. One of the worst records in baseball. Lots of hits but not scoring. Waste of money for a closer that is still on disabled list. Time for some changes? Bring in Barry Bonds as hitting coach. Get rid of closer that doesn’t close.


Wow! One of the highest paid teams in baseball and finally we won a series! Nothing wrong with that at all lol

First series win of the season. WORLD SERIES BABY!! 🤣

Too bad they didn’t get the W last night when I went 😤


Great series, 2 of 3 on road. Take that all day long.

Torture is back! It's still early in the season. It's great that we're still pulling out Ws given the adversity. Go Giants!

Excellent effort from everyone, but no-one can say they weren't getting nervous at the end haha

Love you Johnny! Glad we finally got you the WIN you deserve!!!

Cueto looks good. Need better offense all around tho. It’s taking it’s good time.

Yes!! IT IS ABOUT TIME! Come on GIANTS!! Keep it up!!

Great job Johny ! Thank you for this great game Giants!

Plus Cueto was part of a double play! That was amazing.

Connie Bang. We love our Johhny!

Johnny did great today & Belt wow 21 pitching to him. Crawford? IEEE but after all that terrific win!

Another great win
G Men! 🤙🤙🤙

Great game.

Congratulations Guys!

This seems like the only way for us to won ,TORTURE BABY !!!

This man though!!! Lowest ERA!

Madison WHO?!?!?!?...👏🏼👏🏼⚾️⚾️

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3 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Another one 🦒💣 #SFGiants ...


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Does no one remember torture baseball??? We have to remember it’s early and they have to find a stride.seems like everyone is all about a series but we went decades before I saw a ring real fans are always here and always watching no matter what LETS GO GIANTS!!!

Okay they won that's great but 2 for 13 with runners in scoring position and a 123 9th would've been nice TORTURE!

🔥🔥 Perhaps the Belt bashing will come to a crashing halt now?

People writing Belt off may sit down now.

We need a closer.

You have to admit, all you folks who are so proud of yourselves for not bashing Belt, that his hitting woes were getting to the point of unbearable! I fought for the guy dozens of times but even I was calling for him to sit. The amazing thing about his sudden turn around is he's hitting that inside pitch that has been eating him alive the first 3 weeks. That and being more aggressive. Couldn't be happier for him. I hope this is the big break out we've all been waiting for!

And there goes effing Gearrin, why is he even on the team??? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Once again the Giants tried their best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like normal, but alas, today it was not to be...

Cory Gearrin is HORRIBLE!!!!! He either blows leads or struggles EVERY time he goes out there!!! ENOUGH!!!!

Excited to see the bats walking up.

Every one was tagging on Belt now he’s carrying the team!

Belt belts one for the fourth day in a row, and The Giants win their first series of 2018, and get to take their first happy flight of the year!! Go Giants!⚾️⚾️⚾️

What happened to Angel Pagan?

Now for the love of god, find a way to protect his head! 😆

Looks like belt may have found his swing

Torture right to the Last Out😂🤣😃

21 pitch ab for all the haters

Yeahhhhhh, no. Even with his hitting struggles, he’s still led or been second best on the team in OBP, OPS, and Slugging for the last 3 years.

It was all that extra batting practice he took in the first inning

Lets go Giants! clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Quite a day for Belt. 21 pitches for one at's a record.

I never said nothing bad about belt or any other player on the team everyone goes through a slump in batting it’s early in the season Go Giants! ⚾️

Pour in on them Belt!

Way to go, Brandon!!

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3 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they answer your questions after the team's Game 4 loss vs. the Spurs. ...


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Don't know what the deal was today, but I turned it off before 1st quarter was over. I live the Warriors, but 7 turnovers in 1 quarter, is not even trying! I don't watch games like that!! I'm furious!!!

The only thing I am mad about is the turnovers but everything else is okay because the Spurs couldn’t miss a three in the second half.

Mark Jackson is still jealous that he isn’t coaching the Warriors. He helped them get better, but couldn’t get them over the hump. He needs to stop hating on them.

Yeah what's up with a tech foul when West was not even at the bench
Again obviously refs had to help make game 5 happen

Got home from work and Mom was almost crying. Saying GSW won’t make it out of this series. I had to calm her down! Lol

Momma gotta think possible. You win 3 in a row and loose 1 game. Come now give an a break. They are humans too

Thm young bucks out played us from start to finish today. I ain't mad at the. But they should be capable of winning 1 game. They ate pro's right.

It don't matter about the Pelicans name it's all about how they play and the Warriors better step up their game or they won't repeat as champions.

The Spurs have had 4 games to figure out the 8 guys the dubs are utilizing ... players 9- 12 are more than capable of giving a different look n contributing more.

So...stay away from Twitter. It’s depressing! 🙄 And don’t listen to tv shows either. They will say Warriors are finished.

Really had my fingers crossed on Draymonds late 3 - then airball and turnover on seconds ... comp comp - Draymond's effort was exceptional today and is showing good control with his body.

It still shocks me that Pelicans series was the only sweep..Wow...just spectacular. Every team is bringing their ‘A’ game

Draymond played with energy tonight. I had a feeling they could end it with a win but the Spurs pulled it out at the end and the Warriors didn’t have a fight back spirit.

Come on man are you kidding me? The Spurs played great defense and made a lot of shots they missed in the first three games.

Pelicans gonna be so fresh and warriors tired, or does it balance out since KD, Dray and Klay missed a lot of games in regular season

Agreed. More time for Steph. Missed the game today, but will watch after I fly back from Idaho! What happened besides turnovers?

I enjoyed the brawl. It's Finals you fight hard or die....Period No excuses. My team bangs consistently we hot the nxt 1. Watch

I'm a spurs fan. Hurts knowing umur team can't win, but nothing hurts more than my team given a pity win, rather lose a streak.

If Steph isn’t healthy by Game 6 or 7, will Shaun Livingston fill in for Curry for the remainder of the first round?

Money seems to always matter. What if the Warriors played for money and lost just for a game 7? That would be AWFUL.

This is a tough loss but does not matter much. I will always be supportive no matter the turnout of the game

Refs so effin petty when it comes to our dubs. Petty @$$$ refs. Werk my dayum nerves. Just goes to show. We can never catch a break

I like that the warriors are having to get in a prison yard battle early in the playoffs. That was a brutal game.

Warriors shouldn’t be mad after this loss and shouldn’t be that worried but they do need to slow the turnovers.

Theory: deliberately extending the series cause curry isn't ready yet

Pelicans unexpected sweep of blazers

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4 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Dubs will have another chance to get it done Tuesday. ...

Dubs will have another chance to get it done Tuesday.


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If Curry don’t play against New Orleans this team have no chance.

The Warriors lost on purpose to give their secret weapon - Steph Curry more recovery time. Just thinking about the possibilities.

Started off waay too slow! Come on Warriors! Let’s do this back at home

Win at home!

Spurs playing physical, why Zaza and Bell on bench put them in

Warrior need to finish this series at home

Somehow i knew this would happen

now they can win this round at home.

Get them Tuesday


5 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Brandon Belt’s 1st inning AB: 21 pitches, a new MLB record for an at-bat.

This breaks the previous modern history record of 20 between Ricky Gutierrez and Bartolo Colon on 6/26/98.

Pitch chart for Brandon Belt's at-bat, which lasted approximately 12 minutes, 45 seconds.

#SFGiants ...

Brandon Belt’s 1st inning AB: 21 pitches, a new MLB record for an at-bat.

This breaks the previous modern history record of 20 between Ricky Gutierrez and Bartolo Colon on 6/26/98. 

Pitch chart for Brandon Belts at-bat, which lasted approximately 12 minutes, 45 seconds.

 #SFGiantsImage attachment


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In the first inning; that's actually productive whether he got on or out.

People need to lay off Belt. He's a good player.

If you still think Belt doesn’t have talent, after that at bat, you have no clue what baseball talent is. Sorry he doesn’t make you happy with his power, can’t have everything, all the time. Go Giants!

End result is usual Belt. Non productive fly ball out. 49 pitches Giants forced in first inning. 28 minutes. End result. Usual Giants last 3 years. ZERO ZILCH NOTHING. NO RUNS SCORED.

You know things are bad when everyone gets pumped about this nonsense...

And Bartolo is still in the league

This is why, many years ago, I switched from being an Angels fan to a Giants fan. The Giants, win or lose, play a game that is always more interesting to watch. There's just something about the Giants I like more.

Wear out the pitcher....bring out the bats! Go Giants! 🐻❤️⚾️

he hit a home run few innings later. Hush. Way to go belt.

It was awesome to watch but disappointing at the same time, not one run that inning!

Is he available next weekend for my sons little league game?

Wasn't there a record set between Nolan Ryan and Brian Downing? I don't remember how many times Nolan threw that ball, but it ended with Downing getting a single base hit, and Mr. Ryan tipped his hat to him. Great moment in baseball.

Way to go Belt.

Awesome at bat Brandon!

We have guys that should be able to hit so why are we not hitting?

Well at-bats like this sure aren't going to help the pace of play. Commissionaire Manfred isn't pleased with this at-bat.

That was a great @ Bat!

Couldn't believe it as I listened while driving up to Vacaville 😁😅

Bartolo Colon 1998 is the best thing about this 😆

He’s really trying to work on not striking out

GREAT JOB Brandon. I have faith in you! Keep it up! YOU ARE THE REASON WE WIN THIS GAME!!!!!

Then later in this game he gets the jack he deserves!

Some folks be bitter. The As could use more fairweather fans.

Brad Bognuda your boy doing his thing :)

Just another day at batting practice ‼️🤪

Would've been extra special if he #BELTED#. 😀😀😀

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8 hours ago

NBC Sports Bay Area / California

Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Drew Shiller and Grant Liffmann as they answer your questions before Game 4 vs. the Spurs. ...


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Papa, Saint and Kelenna are way better than Kenny, Shaq and Chuckles. Shaq and Chuckles get incoherent sometimes. And when Clark Kellogg joined the March Madness team with them, he even made Kenny look bad. Clark is good.

don't give Grant TOO much grief about saying Tonight...the players were doing it after last weekend's day game as well

Do you think the Warriors are going to keep the same lineup going against the Pelicans? What impact do you think Ian Clark is going to have in this series against his former team?

If KD, Steph, Klay and DayDay all play at their best, you get 25-30 points from the Splash Triplets and a triple double from DayDay. And nobody can touch them. But how often has it happened?

Is there a site where I can watch warriors game later. Where I’m at there’s a breaking news and really not showing bucks game so I think they won’t show warriors game either. TIA.

How blessed are we to have Cook running the point with Steph out? It’s been a long time since I have yelled “NOOOO” when our back up point pulls up from behind the arc

Masx Kellerman not giving any love....need to quiet him down

New Orleans is better without are the kings...Drew or False--- the Warriors have someone who can handle the brow one on one?

Let’s go guys!!! If I can’t watch I’ll get my warrior notifications. (From the app) Good to see ya!!! Also check in with you guys afterwards.

hello... I wanna say 😊good luck to warriors squad.... For game 4... ..focus. defense and list turnovers.. Drive the ball into the rim fast... Goidluck... Waiting for curry back ☝️☝️☝️

Dubs better match up than Portland and should allow Steph to rest even longer. Be nice to have him back to sweep Houston thou :)

I put ALL my Money on GSW. Draymond you have to keep your composure. You know what LBJ did in 2016 with that B.S. flagrant foul.

You know what i saw a few games I came to see. J. MCGee was doing 3's at warm up and was shooting 80%. I think Kerr should let him do some! Hehehe

Going to have a big dinner for my hubby and the game. Today is his b-day and were watching the Warriors what fun today will be!! #DubNation

No one is talking about Warriors struggling anymore, but now they are saying how weak Spurs are, so still not getting that credit

Let's finish out the series with the spurs. Don't look ahead, don't want to hex it even though will probably broom it!

Warriors winning by 6 tonight because that will be the number of championships the franchise will have at the end of this season.

Who do the warriors want to avoid in the conference finals and play off finals? Also, thoughts against the wolves?

After season over trade for Anthony Davis for draymond green, Andre and maybe draft pick or Looney?

I think this is the first time in a long time that the playoffs both West and East are much more competitive.


Draymond missing layups turnovers klay bricks i hate that come on its time to grind. We bring out Nick young i knew we were doomed

NBA playoff pool for player is puny. $20 total for all teams all players. Estimate is players on champ team get $220,000.

Zaza, will be needed for the next round.

Who will the Ws throw at Anthony Davis?

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You could say Doc Brown has been driving a hybrid for over 30 years. Happy Earth Day! ...


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But the Delorean always ran on gas, it always has. Mr Fusion powers the time circuits and the Flux capacitor.

This was a great ride at universal i miss so much

I want the BTTF ride back... :/

Passable Doc Brown, but nothing is better than the original and one and only....Chris Lloyd !

Is Christopher Lloyd still alive?

Chris the FAKE doc

Universal, please bring back a Back To The Future attraction.

Bring back the Back to the Future ride..,!!

Até nisso esse filme eh bom , será q tem algum defeito ??? Yasmin

Bring back the Back to the Future ride, that was an amazing ride.

Please bring back the ride!

This cast member is great. I am always sad that the ride was replaced but am thankful you have this guy around still. Back to the Future is my absolute favorite right after Harry Potter.

Man I wish the ride hasn’t been replaced. 😭

The Honda Clarity plug in hybrid is real nice. Have a nice day.

I see the CG fire trail has improved 😂😂

B2TF ride was legendary! Sadly replaced by an ok ride 😕
Maybe they can do a rick and morty themed ride? Since b2tf would be outdated today.

Doc: "1.21 jigowatts!!!"
Marty: "What the hell is a jigowatt?" ;-)

Bring back back to the future ride ⚡️⚡️⚡️

This dude is a good doc brown

Happy Earth Day Doc Brown

Sarah Villanueva they need to bring "back to the future" back to Universal Studios!!!

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The LPGA tour is in Los Angeles, and we were lucky enough to have a couple of players visit us at the Park! Who's watching this weekend on the Golf Channel? ...


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I love vacations. How about you?


The weekend is almost here! Are you ready, kids?! ☀️🍍 ...

The weekend is almost here! Are you ready, kids?! ☀️🍍


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Lisa Adam Amanda Super is that you 😂 x

Can i just suggest steer away from imax type rides? Boring and dizzing. When you can see the machinery, it kinda kills the ilusion.

You guys should stay open until 10 on Saturdays, 9 is too early to close.

Ryan Jones take me so I can get a picture with Patrick!

Spongebob is not that tall. You liar

"The best part of a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets - secretly"

Isela Dirso te acuerdas !!!!!


Aye aye captain!!!

Jose Lopez but you don’t get excited seeing characters so I won’t bother 💁🏻‍♀️

HiVa Li necesitamos tomarte foto con tu otro yo!! 😂

Quiero ir 😩


yes bro we are

Nice pic

Oscar Vargas mira vamos a conocer a patricio y bob

Katie Watson ur buddies

Laura Prz 🙊

Mack Miller Shelby Miller

Marii Hernandez we didn't see them when we went☹

Francisco Emmanuel Canales Flores 😬

Heather Donat

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