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'Whitney' offers an unflinching look at Whitney Houston's triumphs and tragedies

'Whitney' offers an unflinching look at Whitney Houston's triumphs and tragedies


The documentary reveals Whitney Houston's alleged molestation as a child by Dee Dee Warwick, the younger sister of soul singer Dionne Warwick.

Details on the explosive documentary "Whitney," which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and will have people talking all summer long.

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1 hour ago

Oakland Athletics

Mules, reunions, and a complete game. This one had it all.

2 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Mengden throws second-career complete game shutout in 3-0 win over Diamondbacks ...


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Love these recaps! We moved from Pleasanton to the Seattle area a few months ago, so this is how I get my A’s updates now. #LovePiscotty#GoA’s

I was there! Hey, why does the backpack not say A’s? It just has a single A. Did you run out of room?

The good overall pitching this year has been a pleasant surprise. The poor overall hitting this year has been an unpleasant surprise. If the A's can get some consistency at the plate, they may be a factor at the end.

Now it’s time for the Warriors to get the W

Scott, do you see a pattern here?

This kid is a keeper!!!!

Now if only the Astros, Mariners and Angels will go on a crazy losing streak...

Rich Rice

I guess I was wrong on this guy. He looks good this season!

Baseball is his second career? At his age, whatever was his first?

Way to go A’s!!

He was awesome! Great day!

It's the stache!

This was a better game for the A’s, then last night.
Nice Win!😊👍🏼

Good game

Let's get this A.L. West...



This stud pitched a gem



Zack Barker

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2 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Daniel goes the distance, A's go solo three times which leads us to believe that they'll be taking a trip to the movies tonight. #StarWarsASoloStory ...


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I will be there 2 weeks from today. Traveling from the East Coast to see the A's in person. Looking forward to taking my grandson to his first MLB game!

Thank you for the win on my birthday! Awesome gift!

Team was on point today. Love it.

🤗Better 🤗much better now take the series and stay above .500

Good win today thanks to Mengden but bats need to wake up!

Take it tomorrow bros!

Beautiful game keep grinding

Outstanding effort. CG shutout!

3 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

It appears that today is Matturday.


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Lets hope he keeps hitting the cover off the ball.

Off a lefty to boot!!

Complete game mengden!!! I can dig it!!!!

With a little Pinder thrown in.

Love Matturdays!!!

Or Chaderday!

Adam Reed. Had a good sound.

4 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

The Swingin' A's: An Album.


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What a spectacular day. Love seeing this reunion. Watched so many play when I was a youngster. 🤗 you all were the best. 💚💛

Any chance we can get some captions or photos tagged? I know & love my Swingin’ A’s, but I still can’t reconize all of them at a glance

the team i grew up with i have a jersey with most of there autographs

For this team I became an A's fan.

Watch these guys as very young kid and was inspired to play the game

Loved Herbie in the booth I have his card that says his position p-runner

So good to be at the game what memories.....

It was so much fun the Swinging A’s I went to the 1989 World Series ⚾️⚾️⚾️

This is Awesome!!!!

We missed Mr October



Wish I could have been there💚💛

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5 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Matt Joyce making the Swingin' A's proud.


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Swingin' the A's.. is that like Slappin' the Bass??

Get Mengden some runs!

Great way to start it off!


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