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Wild weather hits Bay Area with hail, snow and lightning: See updates and latest photos

Wild weather hits Bay Area with hail, snow and lightning: See updates and latest photos


Photos show insane pileups of hail around the Bay Area. That's the Laurel District in Oakland.

A cold front passing over Northern California brought unstable weather to the greater Bay Area and delivered a powerful punch of scattered showers, thunderstorms, small hail, snow on mountain peaks, and gusty winds. We've created a timeline of Monday's weird weather events.

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"Lock your homes, there's a prowler in the neighborhood." In 1979, Walnut Creek residents locked their doors and closed their windows afraid that the "East Area Rapist" would make them his next victims. #GoldenStateKiller

FROM THE ARCHIVE: 'Golden State Killer' investigation moves to Walnut Creek in 1979

The 'Golden State Killer' case may have just been solved in 2018, but if these videos from our archive show any indication of the terror he inflicted ...

Someone on Reddit started a thread critical of having to pay for @sacbee_news. After two days of our team working dawn to dusk on the #EastAreaRapist story, I responded.

Sacramento is getting a lot of nation wide news... • r/Sacramento

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Pretty sure the temp inside @sfballet rose significantly tonight during Bjork Ballet! 🔥🔥🔥 Wanted it to last forever! Standing ovation! Wild!

Thanks for joining us eastern and central fans!

West coast get ready for a wild ride!


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If it weren't for his Apple Watch, Frank says he might not be alive today. On #10NewsAt11: The 26-year-old tells Anthony Pura 10News, he got the watch to get fit, but never realized it would alert him of a life-threatening infection.


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All of you stating that he needs to loose weight need to STOP! Medical conditions don’t care whether you are big or small.

Enderson Filho Rafael Mourão Loureiro Isabela Maria Loureiro mostrem p mae. Nao consegui marcar ela.
Exatamente sobre isso que falamos no grupo sobre o FitBit

We wish u well man! Keep up the exercising one step at a time & don’t listen to the negative comment!! Congrats on ur engagement! 👍🏻👍🏻

See Lolita Tisbe Bert Tisbe how effective the Apple Watch is

Lor Naces i think they deleted your comment lmaoo

Is that the watch you want? Emily Mondragon

I know that guy, I used to work with him 😳



So true

Ashley.... See... it was worth it.

Diana Jessica we should get one for grandma

Erika Sánchez 😁😉

Brandon Joseph Delgado

Jessica Anzaldo

Patrick Shaun Layfield Jr


George Verrückt

Michelle Sanchez

Alice Nunez

Diana M Rodriguez

Alisa Virgen 😳

Ada Gomez

Jose Alonso Martin

John Reyes

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4 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Hear from Klay Thompson as he talks upcoming series with the Pelicans & more after today’s practice. #StrengthInNumbers ...


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pelicans sweep gsw

Warriors2018...#the Champion!!!!


go Klay

love to hear your voice babe klay! 💗


Yeah, they play like the Warriors, but if The Dubs wait for any move, the Pelicans will swoop them up and eat'em whole! So Dubs, play hard. Play hood. Play fast. Move, nonstop. This is the WARriors fans have been waiting for.
G🏀! WARri🏀rs!!

goodluck GSW🙏🙌👍💪💛

Go play like the warriors!!!!

This is a bad matched for curry he just coming off an injury and pelicans not going to lay down on him they're going to be rough on him 1 bad move to his knee and his soft ankles he's done just saying.

GSW have to bring the Championship caliber defense from the opening tip. Play like the Champions they are!

Go Warriors!!

strong klay storm trees I believe

Clyde Polangcos thats opposite Warriors will sweep pelican go go warriors

That is called respect😍😍😍

Remember pelicans beat gsw in regular season in their home court & block Durant lol pelicans win no matter what lol

GudLuck Guy'z💪💪💪

#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist

Go warriors! you need to win vs pelican so you can go to the final!

Only if Curry plays you have your chances...without him it is almost impossible..

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4 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

💪🏽 #StrengthInNumbers ...

💪🏽 #StrengthInNumbers


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Ngaw Jayson Capon kabahan ka




Hezron Ragonjan ano ? 😂

Nevermind the haters...Warriors2018.....#the Champion

yes GSW got what it takes.

let's go dubs💪❤️

Let’s go Warriors—b2b!!!

Bring it home, fellas !!

Mag laro naba stephen curry





Go now and do it again...!!!


Curry is back?? Or no?


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5 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

What we don’t know yet: The rest of this Western Conference Semifinals schedule.
What we DO know: Game 1. Saturday Night.
See you there 👉

What we don’t know yet: The rest of this Western Conference Semifinals schedule. 
What we DO know: Game 1. Saturday Night. 
See you there 👉


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Go Warriors !

Stephen curry is back❤❤❤


Go warrios for the second round wow curry is back😍😍😍😍😍

Ano Oras laban

Yes bumalik na c curry:D

Need to know the rest of schedule. I'm working Saturday. 🙁


Good luck GSW
Hope Curry can play

Let's go get it.#DubNation #StrengthInNumbers

Cesar Galeno ya esta primo

Steph please... I'd really love to see him play...

Cant wait to see Davis lit the Oracle Arena and silenced the crowd, Go Pels, its Payback time!!!

go GSW

Jirais 🔥🕐🔥

Sana naman meron diba? Grace Cezar Torga

I'm all locked in and ready to go see you there! GO DUBS!!!

good luck gsw

Goo Warriors.. Fighting 💪🏻💪🏻😘😘

Maglalaro na si curry sa game 1 contra pelicans.

Go wariorrs

#go wariorrs curry is back

Pelicans in 4

Good luck warriors!

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6 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant is making a difference on & off the court 💙💛

Vote for him by commenting below with #KevinDurant AND #NBACommunityAssist! ...


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#NBACommunityAssist #KevinDurant 🙋‍♀️

#NBACommunityAssist #KevinDurant

#NBACommunityAssist #KevinDurant

#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist

#NBACommunityAssist #KevinDurant


#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist

#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist


#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist!


#KevinDurant AND #NBACommunityAssist!

#KevinDurant AND #NBACommunityAssist!

#KevinDurant AND #NBACommunityAssist!


#NBAcommunutyAssist #KevinDurant

#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist





#kevinDurant #NBAcommunityAssist

#KevinDurant #NBACommunityAssist


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7 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Togetherness is what the Dubs are all about. Hear more in the second installment of "The Definition Series," as the team describes what it means to play together 💪 ...


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Yan ang team..

Strength in numbers

Any update on McCaw?

when is the game 1???

The Warriors are truly a team and that's what makes them so awesome. The truly have Strength in Numbers! Go Warriors!

Championships will come soon to the warriors ground...

God bless you warriors 🙏💪

8 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

🔜🏀 ...


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Stephen curry 😎😎😎


Warriors knockout spurs in 5rounds
Next boxer is the Pelicans 4 rounds of
Fighting.sweep in 4 rounds knockout
Gone fishing.

Pelicans > GSW

Babyfaced assassin back.

Glad to see Steph working out!

I am so glad steph s back go warriors

more threes plsss

Curry is back

Steph Curry’s back? Will greatly be of help. He,is the
Playmaker of GS Warriors & a good 3 point shooter. They will win the 2nd round playoff against the Pelicans.

Is curry playing in the 2nd round???


say hello to the Semi finals ^_^

Go,go warriors

Stephen Curry Questionable for Game 1 of Warriors vs. Pelicans with Ankle Injury😔

Daniel Treviño [email protected]

Go Dubs

Youlun Shen


let's get this done Warriors! praying for Curry's fast recovery


Ok let's go warriors,for the win 🏀🏀🏀🏀

GO,go,go TEAM.practice makes perfect.

AD vs. Zaza💪🏻💪🏻

Gsw Down

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12 hours ago

California Teachers Association

California educators stand in solidarity with Arizona Education Association! #RedForEd #ArizonaEA ...


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Thank you CTA for standing with us today in spirit! It was amazing to feel your support!

Maybe California educators should stand in solidarity with other California educators en masse like this too. Maybe we could get our collective salaries, funding and facilities up to an acceptable first world level? That would certainly get Sacramento’s attention...Just a thought...

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