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Wildly popular Bay Area hummus mini-chain is expanding to SF

Wildly popular Bay Area hummus mini-chain is expanding to SF


“We’re just trying to change the world one garbanzo bean at a time.”

Oren's Hummus has a cult following based around its fleet of popular outposts on the Peninsula and in the South Bay: Palo Alto, Mountain View and Cupertino. But only recently did the mini-chain, beloved for its creamy variations of Israeli-style hummus, decide to tap into the San Francisco market. ...

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6 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Madison Bumgarner dominates the Padres for his first win of the season ...


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How cute this post is. Enjoy your big win over the league's last place team and dumbdums first win haha. So adorable! I'll wait for all the vhs tapes and all the memes that's been around forever and everyone's seen before =)

I am not okay with the use of the sf logo 😂😂 I’ve seen this comment too many times. Go Giants! Madbum looking like his old self with cueto right behind him and the shark! Let’s go Giants!!!!

Come on, it was the Padres.

I love Mad Bum but how can one guy have so much snot!! #flonase

Never seen Kershaw carry a team to a tilte only watched him meltdown in a pivotal game with a four run lead.

Mad Bum is the greatest hick of all time

That was a nice dive by Posey to apply the tag.

Hanson looks good in that lead off role. He can make things happen on the bases

I love MadBum! I love my Giants!

Way To Go MadBum⚾️

Loved that play in the 5th inning where the Sonic chicken tender dunked hard into the bbq sauce....oh wait that was the video ad FB has now in the middle of watching a video. Thanks for ruining things just a little bit more.

Now they need to run a string of 6 or 7 wins to pick em up before the break.

Finally. Been waiting 1.5 seasons. Clock in my dude....let's get to work.

Great pitching Bumgarner, regarding what Monica says

It was a great night to be at the ballpark!! Go Giants!!

Great job, Maddy Bum! Watching the 9th inning was interesting..I cringe every time I see Melancon pitch....he is a thin shell of what he was the year before we signed him.....throwing 90-91mph with most of his pitches waist high right down the middle....he is not a closer, Botchy...Let's go, Giants!

Look at these haters! I mean cmon guys 3 world series in 8 years? I think you're literally a little underinformed

Congratulations mad-bum.Lets keep the wins coming.⚾⚾⚾

That’s the Bum we know and love!

Great night at the yard..Nice to see both aces duel and the Giants get the win.

Glad to hear the SF broadcast crew here, I was stuck with the padres announcers tonite.

Good win for the orange and black.

Hooray for (Hubba Hubba) MadBum

I think MadBum is back!

About time he gets some run support

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6 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Thursday night W. #SFGiants ...


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It's good to see Madbum back to normal. Hey he received a 3 run support to boot

Hanson is Nails!! Couldn't walk last night, hitting triples tonight..

Go San Francisco Giants Championship 2018 Worlds Go MLB Go Giants Championship Yes 2018

thats the way uh huh uh huh i like it uh huh uh huh!!

Go Giants WIN Tomorrow

Melancon is not a closer....I am surprised his 90mph pitches waist high right down the middle didn't cost us......Way to go, Maddy......nice game....Let's go, Giants!!


MadBum is back!

And another one tomorrow .. Let’s go Giants!

YES! :)

Great game! Congratulations Bum!

Bum came alive tonight!! Another win for the boys!!

Its great when you finally have an ace that deals

Those are the kind of wins we need more of. A healthy Cueto would be so big right now..

All business. I love it.


Great win!

thank you my loves!!!

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7 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Not bad, Bumgarner. Not bad. #SFGiants ...

Not bad, Bumgarner. Not bad. #SFGiants


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Let's talk about how clutch Hanson is. Dude comes through with money.

I appreciate my Giants...the other night my family were up late watching the G men,we fell asleep and at 345 in morning our house caught fire..we lost it all,but if it wasnt for the G men all of us were in living room together...if we were in our bedrooms,we most likely be here today,thank you Giants to bring my family in one room..

Maddie pitched like his old self tonight!

At least let him try to get the shutout

He's BAAAAAACK!!!!!!😁

Shut Out. RBI. Beast! Great Win Bum!

Best game I've seen since Cueto pitched. Good win by the orange and black. Bum was well Bum!!

Looked great Bums!!

Awesome job Bumgarner! Should have finished it out. ☹️

MadBum is back to his old form! Just the way Giants fans like it! 😎

So happy Bum got a win...

Officially back!! 🧡🖤

It helped that it was the Padres but pitched well enough to win at least 3/4.

Great game by everyone! Hansen sure can run!! Melancon did his job and----Bum is back!!

With one of the BB being an intentional walk. Wow. He's back.

Great game guys. Congrats and a big 👏 for MadBum.

Now that's the mad bum I remember...way to go!!!!!


Will the real Bum get up?

Great game...but it was the Padres, but I’ll take it! 🖤🧡

We needed that 8 innings SO bad.

Bumgarner gets a W. Giants win 3-0.


I ❤me some MadBum

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7 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Summer Solstice at the yard. #SFGiants ...

Summer Solstice at the yard. #SFGiantsImage attachmentImage attachment


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What a play that was! Bum is on tonight! Good to see!

DOE Not Bring back Samardzija, The young Guys are doing Great ! Cut Him take the Salary hit !

Where's hunter pence

Great game

Oh you're celebrating Summer Solstice.

That's different. I'm relieved to find out that you weren't celebrating... something else.

Don't screw it up Melancon. 😬

Fantastic another shut out.

Giants can score against a Padres team? Your offense is looking worse each game

Great win guys great game

Great game, why does the lady have to cut in right when the game is good?

John Wayne is back.


Great game!

The best!!

Love it!

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9 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

It’s #LGBTNight at AT&T Park 🏳️‍🌈 #SFGiants ...

It’s #LGBTNight at AT&T Park 🏳️‍🌈 #SFGiants


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If anybody unhappy and mad about this... turn in your fan card and go be a dodger fan 👋✊🏳️‍🌈👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩

So it’s a free for all for the bathrooms?

I guess we know who is closed minded

I don’t like to see the Giants logo in any colors other than black & orange for any occasion.

What night is straight night and what are my colors?

Just baseball. Not politics. Baseball.

Would like one thing not tainted by political beliefs. Appearently sports are not going to be it. How about no stance about anything. But baseball

Hey!!!!! If they can have a fellowship day for christians, I am happy they love everyone!! JS. Have a fun night at the ballpark!!! Lets get a win. I'm sorry you have to see bigots and stuff. That's not how I roll!! Go Giants!!!!!

This really has the conservative snowflakes upset. 😂 #GetOverIt #IfItMakesYouFeelBetterTheyHaveReligiousNightsToo

Lmao at all you unhappy diarrhea-gargling ninnies, you do remember this is a /San Francisco/ sports team, yeah?

Many of the comments on here make me sad. 57 people are angry that the Giants have LGBT night!?!? Haters gonna hate. SMH

You gotta be freakin kidding me. What, only confused "it's" are allowed to watch this game? Whatever, go ahead and enjoy your 5 fans in the stands.

Seriously? So do straight people get a special night too? Here's the deal, if you want to blend, then shut up and just blend!

That was a terrific play Cutch, So to Panik, to Posey and your out.!! Looks as though we have some other guys on the team that has a mean arm to throw a ball. No need for you to hurry back Craw, stay home and play with your new baby. Kelby did a good job at SS yesterday.!!

Why I don’t use my season tickets anymore. I have 4 excellent seats for Sat. Game. Anyone want them???? Attendance down 7% from last year. Maybe you should try something else.

As long as we keep creating special groups and special days for special groups we will always have divisions. When are we going to be one group called “people”

Let's win this one! They are still calling Bum the ace but Suarez, Holland and Rodriguez have shown they are aces! Bum needs to step it up!

Happy pride month!!!! Proud and honored to be your ally!!!! Marvin luvs u too!

Giants will beat the padres

Please remember as you watch the game, today we lost a really great baseball fan and a great man in Dr. Charles Krauthammer. Some may not like him but probably never really knew him. He was honest, stood for what he felt was right, and intelligent beyond most people today and kind beyond measure. May the field of dreams be your playground sir.

wow the comments! guess 'Merica still needs to get with the times. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.... Go San Francisco Giants!!!!! Play ball!!!

Yeah. A lot of controversy. I don’t mind if they celebrate LGBT night. It’s a persecution thing. I get that. So, when is Christian night?

Its the city of san francisco what do you angry conservatives expected? If its not your bag of tea you can always root for the dodgers down south.

Beautiful night at the ball park!

Keeping my mouth shut..

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12 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Junior Giants Commissioner Buster Posey donated 1,000 new gloves to Junior Giants at AT&T Park this afternoon 👌 #SFGiants ...


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Why do loop this over and over could it be you really dont have that many kids. And every year you say its for the junior Giants well!! how many gloves do they need every year not to mention all the cash donations where does that money go huh.

My son got to be a part of this and has talked about it all night. Thank you SO much Buster Posey and San Francisco Giants for putting this on for our little players. He needed this. More than anything. He even got selected to ask Buster a question and was sooooo happy he “got Buster to answer him” ❤️ #giantsforlife

He also was visiting children in the hospital sick this morning! He’s awesome! 💙

The city of Porterville Junior Giants league needs these gloves too, I don’t see why we haven’t received new baseball gloves. The kids really need new gloves!


My husband and I will be there this Tuesday for our 25th wedding anniversary to watch SF Giants vs Rockies. We will be coming from Visalia which is 45 minutes south of Fresno, CA (3.5 - 4 hour drive). We would like to donate some gloves for the Junior Giants ⚾️⚾️.

Why don't the kids keep the gloves they received last year?

My son still has the glove that Buster Posey gave him 3 years ago. This is an incredible program for children who might not otherwise get to play an organized sport. i just held my new teams first practice on Wednesday and half my team has never played and doesn't own gloves. Those on here complaining or being hypocrits are welcome to get fingerprinted and if you're cleared you coach, you can come and help me this summer!!!!
I doubt Buster Posey has time to read this, but 10 out of my 14 players said you are their favorite player of all time!

Thank You all for your comments I have all the info that I needed in less and hour for my test. Go Giants.

To think I was one of those kids.

Buster will be a major league manager some day, if he wants to, and a dam good one.

Buster Posey represents what's right in Baseball!

Thanks, Buster, you
Make me proud to support you,
And the Giants!

What a beautiful act desperately needed in a time of so much hate and sadness! So proud to be a giants fan

Congrats for that, Giants !!
Congrats from France !!
And you, Buster, I'm not surprised to see you do that.
You're a role model for my son.
He's watching your videos to improve his catcher game.
And I have a dream.
one day I'll take him to AT&T to watch you play...

Such an ambassador to the game. Thankful he is on our team!! No one quite like Buster!

Thank you Buster, I love you man!!! my two babies have been Junior SF before and this is such a kind gesture of you 🤗

Buster is the best , both off and on the field. #28 ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

We were there and the boys were so happy! Thanks Buster

WOW I would love to go to a game. I like Baseball and American football. Right Kerry and Fabian get back to America NOW.x

Make sure you're all voting for him to be in the ASG...

I want one ..wish i was still a kid lol

Nice gesture on Buster's behalf.

Thank you, Buster Posey, for everything you do for the kids! And thank you for making my son’s day today. We can’t wait for the Giants slumber party July 11th! #LetsGoGiants

😀aw that's so greate wat a blessing to all👍

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18 hours ago

The Malibu Times

One more fireworks display has been scheduled for Independence Day this year: Wednesday, July 4, at the Malibu Colony. See the story for details: ...

One more fireworks display has been scheduled for Independence Day this year: Wednesday, July 4, at the Malibu Colony. See the story for details:


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Kerry Holliman one more!

6 days ago

California Cryobank

Share your Pride! We hope that you're enjoying Pride Month and we'd love to see some of your photos! Use #CryobankPride in your post. ...

Share your Pride! We hope that youre enjoying Pride Month and wed love to see some of your photos! Use #CryobankPride in your post.Image attachment


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Thanks to CCB our little peanut enjoyed pride this year!

2 weeks ago

California Cryobank

Happy Pride Month! #CryobankPride ...

Happy Pride Month! #CryobankPride


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Our Cryobank twins love ❤️ this cover photo

1 month ago

California Cryobank


2 months ago

California Cryobank

Our company was started to help those that couldn't conceive on their own. Here are just a few photos of our staff showing their support during National Infertility Awareness Week. #NIAW #FlipTheScript ...

Our company was started to help those that couldnt conceive on their own. Here are just a few photos of our staff showing their support during National Infertility Awareness Week. #NIAW #FlipTheScriptImage attachmentImage attachment


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That's a big ass glory hole, but a cumshot is a cumshot

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