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‘Coco’ wins for animated feature film

‘Coco’ wins for animated feature film


"Coco" beat out "The Boss Baby" and "Ferdinand" to take the Oscar.

Coco wins the animated feature film for 2018 Academy Award.

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1 hour ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

An interview with the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels is set to air on "60 Minutes" tomorrow. Will you watch?? ...

An interview with the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels is set to air on 60 Minutes tomorrow. Will you watch??


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Trump he is spending his day with his hoes at mar_a_lago

Who cares? I mean JFK and Bill Clinton had all kinds of affairs WHILE in office, media seemed not have cared, meanwhile this allegedly happened over a decade ago...So...WHO GIVES A [email protected]

Why would I watch it? This page is just gonna post all about it the next day, why waste 60 mins of my life when I can read about it the next day in 5 mins?

Absolutely NOT. If this isn't a potential solution or potential problem to what's revelenat in out Country, then it's just a waste of my time.

Don't give them the views or ratings. Remember Barack Obama's accuser of sexual misconduct??? Oh wait no one wanted to believe him because it would bring to question the all mighty obama... words of a pornstar don't hold weight to our presidents job in the current just another dem smear campaign

I don't want to watch someone that gave her snatch away, then tell some story about it! Should have kept her legs closed! I'm sure she loved that she was with a powerful man. What a trashy woman!!

Pls the rest of us want to know who kissed/had sexual relationships with obama whether male or female..before after his marriage to lovely Michelle !!Surely there are ppl who smoked heavy drugs which he admitted he done and who had sex with obama? sounds juicy !

I do not care. Two adults having sex. So what! All presidents have and their pickle shined by someone other than their wife while in office. People only care because Trump won and they are whining snowflakes trying to matter. She is getting PAID for it so I am sure she will have very good story.

No. This was before the White House. We all know what he is like. No shocker here. This is a problem for his wife to deal with.

Only if she gets naked!!

Who cares what Trump did in the past. Media is trying harder than ever to tear Trump and family down . Get someone in office that actually tries to do the job right and the left hate it. Look at what the Obama's did to America and not one time do I remember the media reporting anything about it.

It makes no difference in my life what that woman has to say.. people should be working together to address real issues not Trump' s nasty wet dreams

No! So many Presidents had affairs in and out of marriage, yet you choose to make a big deal of this Presidents so called affairs. Disgusting. He is a great President with faults. Are you perfect? I think not.

Stormy Daniels CANT RAISE MY WAGES😁 something else will raise... but not my wages😂 so I wont watch, Time is money, watching controversies is wasting money....POTUS 45 can have all the Beauty pageant contestants he wants as long as I have a Job😊

I hope I hope this wasn't such a build up like Geraldo Rivera's and then to be let down when they open the vault.. because it would just be 1 hour wasted of my life.

I will be watching,& enjoying’s about time these HYPOCRITES left Bill alone😂 Let’s go STORMY😂😂

I'll watch. I'm excited to hear the sensational details of their sexual encounters. She's outstanding at providing pleasure to men. I've seen her movies.

No I won’t watch! None of our business! Stormy is a gold digger and Anderson a communist-democrat both paid by Soros or Hillary’s millions she stole from her fake charity. Another stab from the left to degrade our President!

It takes two to tango . If some one shares something with you,you should be gracious enough to shut up and "walk on"

NO, C'mon...Clinton, Kennedy, MLK....they all had lovers, just not as much social media, not saying I agree with the behavior, I am just sick of the pants, run country, don't tweet. How hard is that?

It's crazy when the president and Nick Manning have had the same broad. " ahh yeah droppin loads!" ( those who listen to Howard Stern will get it)

Why when you can see an interview with her on pornhub? Oh wait her mouth would be full so no talking.

No, she is just collecting payments for services rendered; the problem is, is Trump the "John" or the DNC?

Haha where are the so called evengelical christians ? For the party of moral values? So I guess it's ok for a man to cheat on his wife many times? I guess so. Haha.

Why would any women in their right mind ever admit to sleeping with this unbelievably disgusting orange turd

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2 hours ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

This local couple is doing something super unique for their wedding. They're calling it the GWED (Greatest Wedding Ever Donated) and in place of a wedding they are throwing a gala at the The Wiltern Theater in LA and trying to raise $500,000 to benefit 5 non-profits. ...


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Nice job

Mayra Gonzalez

3 hours ago

California's Great America

The 2018 season is about to kick off! Join us live for our Opening Ceremony. ...


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Tell Fred and Barney I said hello

I havent been since 1983. Think its time to return.

Definitely on our list for this summer!

I’ll be there during the College Football National Championship next January!! RTR!!

I am going there for my end of year overnight field trip in June but before I will go in April and may

When is rail blazer officially open

Whole park open for winterfest?

I miss work there and miss my cga family

I love this place

Going to be a great year

Hiiiii should we come in today

Love Great America!

I’m not there till 12

See you later on today!

On my summer list !!

Nice out there

Dont shoot!

I start work

Elvis caraballo

Nice 👍 list

Nicole Abey we should gooooo





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5 hours ago

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times Hot Property: Set on approximately 2.5 acres of orchard land in the tranquility of Malibu Canyon 2,000 feet above the shoreline sits a home like no other. ...


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Una tormenta y se puede deslavar esa belleza

La belleza de California se encuentran bellas residencias saludos

Karen Maala want


Interested ?

Chris Horne

With #RailBlazer’s final piece of track being placed, the trail to our newest scream machine is complete. Who’s up for adventure when the ride opens later this spring? ...


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railblazer isnt opening weekand, just wanted to know.



Gabriel Williams

Opening Day is tomorrow! Who are you taking your #FlightDeck25 anniversary rides with? Call out your co-pilots below. ...

Opening Day is tomorrow! Who are you taking your #FlightDeck25 anniversary rides with? Call out your co-pilots below.


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My birthday is today, and tomorrow my husband and I are going to celebrate at Great America!

Me and daughter will b takin the pic but my daughter will b ridin it

Kinsley rain

I wil be riding with Dylan.

#TBT to speeding through the air with loops and barrel rolls. Celebrate Flight Deck's 25th anniversary this weekend. For more details: ...

#TBT to speeding through the air with loops and barrel rolls. Celebrate Flight Decks 25th anniversary this weekend. For more details:


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So hard to believe that in 25 years the park did not add another steel coaster that was better or as good as Flight Deck.

What will happen if it rains on that weekend?

miss the Stealth!

Will Com Truise be there?

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