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Grass Valley Police Track Suspected Prowler Using His Footprints In The Snow

Grass Valley Police Track Suspected Prowler Using His Footprints In The Snow


Grass Valley police are searching for a man they say spent hours early Saturday morning prowling through the streets of the city.

CBS13 CBS Sacramento:

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Incredible digging by @gtherolf: Shocking allegation of abuse, and government neglect, in case of boy found dead last week. So many warnings. Great to see this byline back in @latimes

This final quote from @newsterrier retrospective of the camps seems to highly relevant today: “We are Americans now — we are so grateful. But the Vietnamese are survivors because of one thing — family.”

Ford caught a lot of flak for rolling out the welcome wagon to Vietnamese refugees but said it was the moral thing to do. The photos of that camp are amazing, and those months were the beginning of vibrant Vietnamese American communities

The news that Trump might use Camp Pendleton as a huge detention camp for immigrants here illegally tells you something about how much things have changed. 40 years ago a different Republican president used Pendleton to welcome new immigrants & help them

Vietnamese refugees began new lives in Camp Pendleton's 1975 'tent city'

Inside the tent city, the lost and the bewildered roamed, one of them describing their arrival 'like coming to the promised land - just that we didn't...

"She and Robin Williams took turns tickling each other in another high-profile visit. After Williams died in 2014, Koko “became very somber, with her head bowed and her lip quivering,” according to the Gorilla Foundation."

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