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Help Sought Finding Road Rage Suspect Who Attacked Elderly Driver

<a href="">Help Sought Finding Road Rage Suspect Who Attacked Elderly Driver</a>


Officials in Anoka County are asking for the public’s help in finding a suspect following a weekend road rage incident where a driver followed an elderly man to his home and severely beat him.

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#BREAKING: #Warriors Stephen Curry to be re-evaluated in 3 weeks after suffering Grade 2 MCL sprain in knee

The storms left this lovely puddle on the pathway at Crissy Field, shared by our Instagram fan Chris LaBasco. Thanks for sharing! More great pics here:

Developing: Newark Police investigating fatal shooting @ Friday night @ Elm St. & Wells Ave. PD says shooting not believed to be a random act; victim has not been positively identified. ABC7News will update as information becomes available.

Developing: Newark Police investigating fatal shooting @ Friday night @ Elm St. & Wells Ave. PD says shooting not believed to be a random act; victim has not been positively identified. ABC7News will update as information becomes available.

Developing: SKY7 @ Driscoll Rd. @ Fremont where Fremont Fire is working to rescue person down well. Person is 25 feet down. FD is preparing rope rescue now.

Reminder today to get out and march! Thank you to the young generation for inspiring all of us and reminding us that change will only happen through our own will. Register to vote and demand common sense gun laws from any and all potential elected officials! Democracy will win!

Alumni of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS speaking @ Oakland gun control rally. #MarchForOurLives oakland

“Teachers carry books, not guns,” reads one sign. Around 200 people participating in #MarchForOurLives in #SanLeandro this morning. #abc7now 📸: B. Rutherford

Former San Mateo Mayor Claire Mack and I are ready to announce the city’s 50th anniversary 101st Airborne Homecoming parade, honoring the division’s adoption in 1968 during the Vietnam war. Join us on B St. between Baldwin & 7th Ave. Kickoff at 11am. #abc7now

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The MRI results are in. ...

The MRI results are in.

4 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Check out all the best moments from last night's win! 🔊 #JBLxNBA ...


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I see Zaza has kill another one of his team mates huh, this time is Curry, fell on tha man leg, go Zaza,

game irrelevant if curry is out for long period of time..fingers crossed.

Did Curry snap his leg

Palakas ka step
Sinambot tamu nabengi

There’s no way any comments or official posts about the win can overshadow why happened to Steph. And assumptions that Zaza caused it (LOL) or JaVale can’t get out of his own way is idiotic. Steph gets paid to play. Facts. If he’s cleared to play,he plays.

Nice game :D

No Western Champs, I hope to Hell all the stars turn up for the finals, otherwise Haden and the Rockets going to take that crown. Let’s go GS

Great win guys go warriors

We won the game but at what price? The loss of our floor general again ... Steph should not have played last night ... there was no reason for him to get out there; nothing was at stake; he should have continued to rehab and rest in time for the playoffs. Now what? Yes, I am very angry!

You call that winning losing for 3 quarters that's sad

best moment,hahaaa,its always going on in our local ground,they rn't even good for street ball

Jorge Espinosa

we finishing the season 63-19 (this was my NBA 2k15 record)

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14 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Lots to talk about after tonight's win over the Hawks.

NBC Sports Bay Area / California
Warriors fans -- Join the conversation with Grant Liffmann and Kerith Burke live from the Oracle Arena ...


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MCL Grade 1

Season is done - best to concentrate on keeping Steph healthy long term - lets get back at it... today was an example of rushing it and what it can do to him as a player and in turn the team...


Hey I love GSW. Comeback kings! Love you Steph. get well soon.

hype nation the 1 man team is gone furry half the fan's on this page were not where around in 2011 when they were can's now everyone is on there dick cause there god's it was the same thing with my team when we were in in the early 00's


karma is real #DirtyTeam

its time for gsw to think for the future..gsw management should consider trading steph to isiah tomas right after the season ends..steph will be a liability soon because of injuries..IT will be now the face of gsw franchise...

+/- Net per 100 possessions
Curry 11.0
Thompson 3.5
Green 0.7
Durant 0.2

Open Note to the Warriors...

Next time you clear a player to practice, but you know he’s not 100 percent recovered from an injury and you kind of need him to finish out the season... should really rethink that before he hurts himself again.
You keep breaking Steph like that and one day he may not bounce back...

The Warriors need to apologize for snubbing Trump or the bad Karma will keep on coming!

14 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Nick had himself a little party tonight 🙌 #DubNation ...


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okay lang ba si Curry ? may laro sila sa Lunes diba?

Step injure?😭😭

RIP this team

Young 👏👏👏shining


Ano kalaban nila sa lunis

Happy Birthday😆

Josh Spriggs

Beast Kyle Desira

Nick Young was on Fire

Stephen Curry had the ball, he sees the the S u p e r hole_Shot la Rock Curry

Stephen "Shotla Rock" Curry

Amir Swaleh toen mvp Chants opkwamen

Steph 🙏🏼

Jimmy Braga your swaggy

Curry can't keep healthy.

Panalo tayo kahit walang splashbros

Put a lil swag on it

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14 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Highlights for the birthday boy 🎈 #DubNation ...


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Quinn Cook and the Pips...

curry injured again? :o :(

Way To Go Cook! Happy Birthday! 💙💛💙💛💙💛

Hopefully SC has a Grade 1 MCL sprain and is back in the next week to 10 days... if it is longer I am certain the Dubs can hold fort for the 1st round with firepower they have ... this could also be a blessing in disguise for Quinn Cook ... really like what I see from him terms of play level .... can he effectively run the team and blossom in Steph's absence

aye,quinn which kingdom u r from sounds gay

El mejor Equipo
Vamos Warriors 😍😍🏀😍😎👑

Don’t play the starters until the final week before the playoffs. There is nothing to gain. Way too risky.

so Sad Curry and Kerr disrespected TRUMP and now karma happens. INJURIES are all over the team.

Happy birthday Quinn Cook!

Best gift ever .. 8 weeks resr

This dude is nice and we’re gna need him to be aggressive, even when Klay & KD are back. Go get your 20+

Happy Birthday 👍😊🥂🍾

He's much better than Patrick Mc Caw!

Happy Birthday #QuinnSanity!🎈much💕💕💕

Happy Birthday QC🎉🎂🎁💛💙🏀🎉🎂🎁💛💙🏀

Love him!

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15 hours ago

Golden State Warriors

Hear from Coach Kerr and the Dubs following tonight’s 106-94 victory over the Atlanta Hawks. More post game coverage airing on NBC Sports Bay Area. ...


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We're all worried for Steph and want the best for him....... But give some props for the guys who filled in for him and others..... ask them about their game and not about injuries...... IJS

Ooh there it is WARRIORS baby

Praying for everyone to get better. Get better soon Steph, can’t wait to see KD, Curry, Green and Thompson play again. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

You shoulda rest Steph til the last 2 game before the playoff. Without Steph, there is no Golden States grrrrr

Cut Patrick and give his spot to Cook.

Curry should not have played tonight and rested for the playoffs! Steph needs to get better soon 😊

they laugh with Swaggy but have no clue what he is talking about.

Not claiming none of that alphabet talk. Concerning our superstar. No mcl. Acl. ABC. Nothing. Put ice on it rest it for a week. We GUCCI

WARRIOR'S no doubt .. PLEASE don't let anything bad happens about the recent incidents between mcgee and steph .. WARRIOR'S

He will need to rest more until playoffs. Dont push it. We are in the playoffs anyway and that is all that matters.

Steph needs to get healthy before he plays again don't want him to have a game ending injury. Prayers!

Can someone give us who just join an update on Steph? Did anyone offer any info on the severity of the injury?

We don’t care to much about where we finish in reg season. We want that. RANG’. Baay baay 🏆🥇#ThisIsWhyTheyPlay. #ThatIsWhyWeWatch

That injury will hurt the team.. that was serious

warriors fan here hope curry gets healthy enough to play in the playoffs but also hope our team stays hungry like we did tonight

It’s good all players needs playing time and sharpen their ability as a player,

God loves steph and for sure he will healed him coz he is son of god ... we will pray for him ... #lovewarriors

Don’t bring Curry back in 2 week rest him play in the playoffs

God bless Stephen Curry!
Great game and feel better soon!


Any ball players wear a size 18 shoe? Looking for Nike shoes

That's my Coffee and Cream Team I Love GSW🏀🏀🏀

Good job coach !!healing prayers for stephen curry!!

Can u pls answer me what happened to steph???

Stephen Curry will be back this season, play in the playoffs, win the championship, and win Finals MVP #ThinkPositive

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