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Kimmel skewers Weinstein, pays tribute to ‘Time’s Up’ movement

Kimmel skewers Weinstein, pays tribute to ‘Time’s Up’ movement


Weinstein was a frequent toast of the Oscars in years past -- this year he was the target of mockery.

Last year Harvey Weinstein walked the Oscars red carpet just like his fellow movie moguls. This year, he was a punchline in Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue.

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Scenes from the Sacramento #MarchForOurLives #EnoughIsEnough

'Stand up fight back:' #StephonClark protesters speak out at candlelight vigil

Pack your bags and head down to @visitsandiego - the @KAABOODELMAR lineup has been announced! Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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54 minutes ago

Sacramento Kings

Kings of Clutch 💪 ...


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Play them all together next season. Can't go wrong.

Marko Dragutinovic

1 hour ago

CBS Los Angeles

WATCH: Amy Schumer addresses March For Our Lives crowd in downtown L.A. "Thank you for standing up and saying no more." ...


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Lmao Amy Schumer is the voice of gun control now?

March in the ghettos, bad neighborhoods, Compton, Chicago and Los Angeles gang infested areas. March down those neighborhoods and let's make a change. J dare you

If your a celebrity like me you can have armed guards while you extoll the evils of guns for everybody except yourself. Hypocrite

NO MORE Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ 🤫
Eɴᴅ Gᴜɴ Vɪᴏʟᴇɴᴄᴇ !!!

Why is she, in any way, an authority on the 2A? Or even speaking for people?

I saw her shove a beer bottle in her cooter on the internet.

How many of those "men" has visited her hallway 🤣🤣🤣

When we get people that are celebrity it hurts the cause more.
What celebrity promoted Trump? And he is in the White House now.
Celebrity is hurting not helping

She is still getting camera time? Last ditch effort after her career disappeared in a flash!

Amy Schumer? Could they look any more asinine?

All those people pissing away freedom. 2a was created to keep us safe from an oppressive and tyranical government.

Did she steal this speech like she steals her standup bits?

comedy cenral the roast of morons!!!

The irony is that she is being protected by armed security while she is speaking.

She should learn how to talk and not read a script.

So many insignificant people saying that Amy Schumer is irrelevant when she’s makes one hit movie after another.
Go Amy! millions of us support you and are behind you 100#.
This is the beginning of the end of the nra’s strong hold of Washington’s corrupt republican politicians.

Save our children, stop Planned Parenthood.

Not Hollywood Liberals, "Hollywood Weirdos".

I had to Google what an "Amy Schumer" was. The results are not good.

Take defensive responsibility ! Don’t just say no!

Shies commemoring with the young people.

Why blame 30 million responsible gun owners? #NRA


The moment you realize your fame is gone and you need attention...

Why is she wearing an IDF uniform?

My family in NWIHammond-Gary area support you.

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2 hours ago

CBS Los Angeles

WATCH: Thousands take part in March for Our Lives in downtown Los Angeles. ...


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2 miami



Good for them!


Esto de q se trata😲

Get a job


Run them over


Be the change




The whole world is watching


Support the NRA - National Rifle Association of America

WooooHoooo Exercise Maybe today LA will be less poluted!!

This has become a hobby for some

Good for them

Not today NRA
1 Million Strong Against the NRA and GOA

I'm driving a passenger to the march right now


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1 day ago

Sacramento Kings

#BiggerThanBasketball ...



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Criminals aren't bigger than basketball lol

Maybe y'all should stick to the game of basketball and work on winning games instead of popping off about political views

Shut Down Sacramento! Abolish The Sacramento Police!

The teams owner blamed POLICE for the fans not getting into arena. Per the Sac Bee newspaper.

The Kings released a statement blaming police for the game delay. "Due to law enforcement being unable to ensure ticketed fans could safely enter the arena, the arena remains closed and we ask fans outside to travel home," the statement read. "We will issue further information soon regarding a refund."

Free kings tickets for all men in blue, my neighborhood would we the wild west without the police. BLUE LIVES MATTER.

Lol!! Vivek is a joke!!



Who won yesterday?

Half man half amazing

I support the Kings. Our right to free speech is bigger than basketball. There is no excuse for the extrajudicial execution of Stephon Clark.

Kings SUPPORT that manner of protest?!?!? OMG! I'm SO GLAD I dropped my season tickets last year. Kings organization, you're a group of MORONS!

Best Game I didn't get to go to but was there. Kings Golden can only get better. RIP Stephon🌻

The police chief should pull all officers from arena security detail. Let's see how the Kings owner deals with that. Oh and Vivek, when these rioters and looters destroy your arena please don't call sac pd to come help.

Luka, Deandre, Miles Bridges, Bagley. In that order for kings draftboard!!!

#Stephonclark say his name out loud

COPS... the first to be criticized, and when you’re in trouble,the first ones you call.

More stuff to divide everyone. It's just exhausting at this point.


Basketball isnt bigger than 1 life!

Are you gonna post the highlights from last night? NBA has a 1 min highlight video that’s booty

Miles is really the best pick in my opinion for the kings

You guys lost a fan I was a fan since I was 5 stay with basketball



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