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Kimmel, stars pass out snacks to stunned fans at movie theater

Kimmel, stars pass out snacks to stunned fans at movie theater


KIMMEL OSCARS STUNT FTW! So, Ansel Elgort, Gal Gadot, Lupita Nyong'o and Guillermo del Toro walk into a movie theater with candy and a 6-foot sub...

Host Jimmy Kimmel pulled another fan stunt at the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday.

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An interview with the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels is set to air on "60 Minutes" tomorrow. Will you watch??

As a kid I grew up five minutes from #Parkland and today we are so inspired by these kids! #MarchForOurLives #ParklandStrong #makingchange

Hey LA! We find out what makes @HamillHimself go to the dark side on tonight's @DishNation. Tune in on @FOXLA at 11:30pm!

UPDATE to earlier story: Irvine rescinds action to place tent city next to Great Park

JUST IN: Trump order would ban most transgender troops from serving

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1 minute ago

The Fresno Bee

Fans flock to see and pose for photos with celebrity Jeffree Starr at Morphe grand opening in Fresno's Fashion Fair shopping center Saturday morning, March 24, 2018. ...

20 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

Jersey swapping with some elite company ⚽️🇲🇽

Selección Nacional de México takes on KSÍ - Knattspyrnusamband Íslands tonight at Levi's Stadium! ...

Jersey swapping with some elite company ⚽️🇲🇽

Selección Nacional de México takes on KSÍ - Knattspyrnusamband Íslands tonight at Levis Stadium!


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That’s what I’m talking about niners and el tri for life

Watching soccer is like watching incomplete passes, runs for no gain and punts for 90 minutes.

MarioWolf Rboy #Respect 👐👐👐

niners , mexico , ufc . doesnt get better than this !!!! #mexico

Justin Votruba Cain at the 9er stadium for the soccer game coming up. Wonder if he’ll fight again lol

Cain has the biggest dome ever.. well maybe not ever.. but in the last millennium.. in this galaxy

Who let Sideshow Bob out of prison?

Cain looks like he's wearing one of those Latex Richard Nixon masks

"Elite company"... lol


No mamen nos pueden salar

Si nos pueden salar. A. Los niners



whys is eli Harold there then lol

Te encargo unyersey de sanfransisco chizz

Jose Martinez


Tania Porras Enrique Villela

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21 hours ago

Audubon California

Before you wrap things up for the week, take a moment and draw an owl. ...

Before you wrap things up for the week, take a moment and draw an owl.


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Bernice Yvr

Andi Pouley...thought Coop would like this.

Angie Lee Castillo

Kenna look! You can draw owls!

Mary jo Mary Jo Winter

Looks like my Ed Emberly drawing books from grade school

Jennifer Freeman for ash

Cassie McDonald

Thank you--I'm excited!

Like this

Kristin Hollis

Pia Pandolfini It speaks for itself.

Julie Charest this is for you!

Lindsay Kay Important info

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23 hours ago

San Francisco 49ers

Here's your first look at Richard Sherman in red & gold thanks to EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL! ...


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Sherman grew up in Compton, graduated from Stanford and is a very bright guy. Character, tenacity and smarts...hmmm? Sounds pretty good to me. And, he is right about Eric Reid. I am with my brother on that one. My son and his nephew serves in the USAF so that we can live in a country where one can respectfully kneel for the anthem to legitimately protest issues of social concern. This is the hallmark of our democracy. Basically it is 8th grade civics. Welcome to Richard Sherman, he is our guy now!

Sherman is not my niner.

When I bought my son,s Madden 2015, or whatever one it was with Sherman on the cover I removed the cover and replaced it with a blank piece of paper with a Madden written on it. Now this wash up is part of the ultimate team, sad, sad news! Hopefully he won’t be fit in time and won’t make the 53!

Why are we excited about this washed-up loud mouth?

I don't care if were to draft Charles Manson let's get #SIX. GO #9RS

For many die-hard Hawks fans, even if they try to be open-minded, accepting and supportive of the man, this is a complete and utter visual nightmare that could even cause emotional trauma and anxiety in some individuals!

These Sherman promotions are really starting to get annoying...

Hate it or love it Sherman is apart of the Niners now!! He's ready to do his thing and wants to help us win games! #RedandGold

I was out at the bank wearing my Niners hat and this guy leaving the teller gave me a really hard staredown. I didn’t know him and was like wtf in my head. After I’m done I realize why, he’s got a Hawks license holder. I don’t think the Seahawks will be much of a rival anymore. I think that title has been taken over by the Rams.

For the love of god quit pumping this guy up. His ego is big enough.. I'll root for him once he is the starting corner and performs. In the mean time... STFU about it.

Some of y'all just hate Sherman because of what he helped the Seahawks do to the Niners in years past. Y'all still mad at the Erin Andrews interview and calling him a loud mouth has been, but none of you have ever done anything athletic, but tie your shoes. This man is NOT a thug, but like SOME NFL players, he has an alter ego on the field and in today's NFL, you need a little alter ego to survive in this league.

I'll except him now, but as soon as he starts running his mouth and causes problems, then he gone. Case closed.

I just want the niners to be relevant again. If Sherman helps us win, i can forget the past.

If he has 8 picks I don't care who he is

Anyone talking down on Sherman. Y'all are crazy. Anything that helps us win games should be a good thing. Idk why you guys don't want him to make the team. You'd rather not increase your chances of winning??? He can also teach our young corners new techniques. So if want Sherman gone than that means you want to lose. Stop crying over the past. Y'all should be happy.

Still a little bit too early for me to accept, given the 50 yard line Thanksgiving feast dinner thing. But hey, to forgive is divine, as they say.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the season to start.


people stop tripping he was not a 49er that's why he dissed up. Now if he stand out and help us win games and win the sb y'all will be on his nuts. Go 49ers I'm cheering for him now

What happened to his locks! They hella short.

You look like a 49er. I have high hopes you'll act like one!

Did they update him into the Niner roster on Madden 18?

Is he on the roster now? That'd be great for when I play Seattle after work. 😂😂

The Red and Gold are back!! Niner Empire!!

People said that about Deion Sanders too. I can tell you this: Sherman is going to be a Niner for at least one season. If he does not overcome his Achilles’ tendon injury, they let him go.

To think Seahawks and fans hated us. Lmao

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1 day ago

San Francisco 49ers

Offseason with the 49ers 📸 ...

Offseason with the 49ers 📸 attachment


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Niners fan from portland right here! All about the Niners and blazers👌

I like Damian lillard now
He's a 9ers fan yea boy!

Any pictures of Reuben? How's his offseason going?

Warriors and 9ers every day, all day in the Bay!

Niners fan all the way from the useless island of malta 😎😎

Nice. Go blazers and niners

Stay healthy gentlemen

Nobody get arrested, plz

Dame! My 2 favorite teams together at last!🤗

Two favorite teams!

Diehard niners fan since the 80,s we have made some good trades and got some new players we’re going to be great this season

Dame lilard needs to stop rooting for the team that’s leaving OAKLAND and root for the BAYS team

Isn’t it Pierre Garçon with a c?

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1 day ago

Audubon California

What's the first bird you saw (or heard) today? Perhaps it was a Wrentit. (photo by Tracie Hall) ...

Whats the first bird you saw (or heard) today? Perhaps it was a Wrentit. (photo by Tracie Hall)


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Mockingbird very early in the morning and extremely loud. However, I was impressed at the variety of songs he mimicked with great accuracy. I'm sure any female mockingbird would be highly impressed with him.

Cactus wren

Dark-eyed Junco sure is nice to have birds coming back north. Central British Columbia.

A shimmery green hummingbird!

Our funny mockingbirds!! Here on the Balboa pennisula, CA. Chirp of the day is kitty kitty kitty!!

Lesser Goldfinch

California Towhee

Black Phoebe, Calabasas

The famous, Parrots of the Foothills!

Northern Mockingbird, staring down from the sycamore tree - Garden Grove, CA

Joanne White maybe your bird was a wrentit?

Yup. Think I have a nest in my bushes at my new place!! I was so happy! Some of my favorite little birds San Marcos CA

Actually mine was a bushtit here in Sacramento ! (And a whole bunch... they’re seldom solo!)

California Thrasher on the way into Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden...


mockingbird, so cal


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