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'Mary Poppins Returns' trailer debuts during Oscars

'Mary Poppins Returns' trailer debuts during Oscars


The new "Mary Poppins Returns" trailer debuted during tonight's Oscars -- it's our first look at the movie starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda. What do you think -- will you go see it?

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Review: #TheCatcherWasASpy has excellent source material. But despite a high-pedigree cast and decent production values, it’s more serviceable than scintillating.

Can we #travel the world without killing the planet? Yes, but it takes action.

Making environmentally friendly choices during your vacation can have a long-term impact, and only requires small changes in your behavior.

Going green: Can we travel the world without killing the planet?

They come in the form of small cards, rocks or pieces of wood — the hotel reminders that guests can choose to skip having their towels and sheets wa...

The value of #Westwood is that a portrait of the artist’s life slips through, despite the subject’s reluctance to participate, writes @MickLaSalle.

Read his review of the Vivienne Westwood documentary:

Palo Alto has finally gotten an exceptional restaurant: Protégé from French Laundry alumni has excellent food, a well-tailored interior and good service.

Read @michaelbauer1's 3-star review:

Woman Escapes After Kidnapping Near Pier 39

San Francisco's gay bar scene remains among the finest in the country, and #Pride weekend in particular sees these dives, dance clubs and watering holes at their sparkliest.

Here's where to join the party:

Your guide to the best bars to hit on Pride weekend

For a city in perpetual flux, San Francisco consistently knows how to throw a party. The city’s gay bar scene remains among the finest in the co...

The results of the program are already paying off. In the month of March, more than 7,000 pounds of recyclables were collected from the containers and the numbers continue to grow.

Whooping Cough Returns to Marin As Officials Woo Vaccine-Dodging Parents

Opinion | The form of detention the Trump administration has embraced, doubling down and then reversing it only in the face of widespread global outrage and condemnation, sits cleanly within the tradition of concentration camps.

Trump’s tent city for children is a concentration camp

What does it mean that the United States of America took children from their parents and detained them in camps? News of a tent city dedicated to hold...

Two-star dining is usually associated with convoys of waiters, more courses than you should count and stratospheric prices.

But at Baumé in Palo Alto, there is only two staff: Bruno, the chef, and Christie, the general manager.

Baumé in Palo Alto has two Michelin stars — and only two staff

Six months after Bruno and Christie Chemel laid off the last cook at Baumé, when they were working harder than they ever had but were beginning to th...

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