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Oscar-winning 'Coco' director sounds off on diversity in film

Oscar-winning 'Coco' director sounds off on diversity in film


While accepting the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, Coco director Lee Unkrich honored the culture that inspired the acclaimed film and sounded off on the importance of diversity in media.

"Marginalized people deserve to feel like they belong. Representation matters," "Coco" director Lee Unkrich said while accepting the Oscar for best animated feature.

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The #MarchForOurLivesLA event has reached #GrandPark. #LAPD officers are helping facilitate free speech and to provide a safe and secure environment for participants and the surrounding community. No incidents to report at this time. Thank you, Angelenos. 👍

#LAPD ofcrs will be out on the streets today helping facilitate a peaceful & civil #MarchForOurLivesLA event. We will work with everyone exercising their 1st Amendment Rights while maintaining public safety in our City of Angels. Media Staging is located @ Temple Ave & Spring St.

There is a #MarchForOurLives taking place in #DTLA this #SaturdayMorning, scheduled to start at 9 a.m. The march is planned to start at 6th and Spring and travel along both Spring and Broadway toward City Hall and Grand Park. Expect street closures and traffic delays.

Big thanks to the listener who corrected me: In Sacramento, the J Street exit on both directions of I-5 are closed. You can still drive through I-5, you just can't exit for J Street from either side. Sorry for the confusion.


Due to today's protest, SacRT buses are unable to get into the Sac Valley light rail station. Passengers waiting at Sac Valley should walk to the bus stops on 4th and J or 6th and J to make their connection. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Today's protest in downtown Sacramento is causing rolling street closures in the area. This is having an impact on transit service as buses are being forced to detour due to temporary street closures. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Would you like to be responsible for everything that happens at an #LAPD Patrol Division during a 12-hour shift? That's the roll of a Watch Commander and we bring you a behind the scenes look!

#LAPD pursuit has entered the underground parking structure of the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City. Please avoid the area as the incident is still fluid.

[email protected] units are in pursuit of a vehicle southbound 405 freeway from the 101. Please use caution in the area

Traffic Alert: A protest is planned today, 3/23 on Capitol Mall. Scheduled to begin noon at Tower Bridge then head east to the West Steps of the Capitol via Capitol Mall. Traffic delays are expected 12-1 pm. Consider alternative routes and/or provide additional commute time.

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Just relaxing and watching the tide...I love days like this. (Photo by 50-phi / Flickr) ...

Just relaxing and watching the tide...I love days like this. (Photo by 50-phi / Flickr)


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Agreed... but what about the ‘nature’ of the peeps stuck on the 5 or 91 fwys?
We have that too. LOL

I like to do it too,that's CA is meant for , "relaxing around with fantastic nature"

Always beautifully mesmerizing 🙌👍

Disclaimer: This isn't a real video game...but we so wish it was. ...


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I enjoyed the original concept better where the Hadrosaur knocked the boat off course instead of the blocked path.

That shouldn’t be game over: you need to go down the slide, get your pic taken, and get drenched

David Gp memories 😅 jurassic

So why not make it a game?

If only the raptors worked that well on the ride

Bella Gallardo since we couldn't go lol 😂😂😂

Game inka avvaledu ga ra

ROCIO JAIME UNVIRSAL studios Hollywood

Diana Ana Rebecca Emily

Josh Sedgwickck


Don-Wendy Hanson Dehj Hanson

Sofia Cazarez

Trilok Kumar Mutyala Ravi Kishore 😂😂

Brian Speed

Steffi Reitz


Dillon Keaveney

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What's the usual one-year anniversary gift? Paper? Well, we went with chocolate Bavarian cream-filled doughnuts. Ooh, there's napkins! Does that count? ...

Whats the usual one-year anniversary gift? Paper? Well, we went with chocolate Bavarian cream-filled doughnuts. Ooh, theres napkins! Does that count?


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Anything Special happening the weekend of April 26 at Universal Studios Hollywood Ca? We are bringing my 2 grandkids for my granddaughter's 5th birthday. They are so excited.

Sarah Garner can we go back ?

Jake Taylor Hustonthis place??

Katie Wright, let’s check this out!

Quero! Preciso! Necessito!!! Qual a data de início e término, please?!


Getting one of these next week

I made sure to stay away from all dunuts my first visit at universal this year.

Kinda sad that they don’t sell some of the donuts that they advertise on there website

I had one and I get addicted lol..

Jordana Deltina Laura Naimi Antonella Matia I need these in my life! DOUGHNUTS 😱😱

Yummm I had one and it was gooodddd!!!

We are getting a box of these for the road trip Darren Williams!!x

Very cool!

Still great to see

Lili quiero una dona de VooDoo

Steve Torres I want to try this place too


awesome place 😂


Jose Gloria It's been a year! And we still haven't tried them 😒

Cindy Green-- nice! I forgot voodoo was here

Luz Jauregui me vendría bien

OH SNAP!!!!!!!

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Have you tried a shake from Studio Scoop yet? ...

Have you tried a shake from Studio Scoop yet?


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I heard they look much better than they actually taste. Can anyone comment on that? I’ve never tried one.

I go to Universal for the Rides, not the nausiating overpriced food. I eat pbnjs brought from home and my Brita water bottle I refill at the fountains while waiting in line lmao.

can anyone tell me where in parks this is?

Is that at Citywalk? We were there this wknd and didn't see it. But did go to Bubba Gumps for the first time yum!!!

Well i’m defo going to be living here lol Liam Mcgeachy

Omg Mona Azimi we really need to go universal next month

Evan Ma Yuumi Lloyd there’s these freaks doing random pushups in web design oof every. Single. Day

Matt Reaves we messed up big time when we went. We need to go back not on a holiday and get all the food.

Definitely have to put this on our list for when we go!

Erika Roy Regina Mattis why didn’t we try one of these??!!!?! 🍨🤗

Emma..... shall I try one on your behalf if I head there....

Jon Healy can we go to universal soon in our future together? ):

this is Chocolate X 6 and i couldn't finish. it just looked so good..definitely shareable. i hated the striped paper straw feeling/taste

Wowee gotta make sure we try these next time. Ashley Evans Yvette Padilla

No but I will next week!

I have no idea what that one at the top is but I want 6 Dave

I wish I could go with my mom who almost lost her life by a fall and broke her femur and I would have loved to take her to see her again

Must try one of those when I’m there

I would like 2 try but I can’t because I have to read the ingredients so I’m like screw it. Is there anything that doesn’t have egg or gelatin in them?

Looks so delicious and yummy😋 I never knew about this. I'll have to try it on my next visit. Milkshakes are so good, I love them very much.

Magda Karolina jak to się stało ze my nie jadłyśmy?!

Oh it’s on the list of must dos!!!

Nancy Watthé Anke Remue ze hebben freakshakes in universal studios

Sara Rain dude I’m so excited! The food looks so good! I probably won’t even eat a real meal because I’ll be eating a bunch of snacks Haha

Rachel Gordine something for us to check out when we go back! - only problem is that now I want ice cream

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Care for a refreshing Butterbeer? ...

Care for a refreshing Butterbeer?


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Ill be trying one in ohhhh a month

Quick question. Does the Butterbeer have alcohol in it or is it family-friendly?

My favorite one is the hot Butterbeer!!! 😛 I was there Saturday, and couldn’t decide from hot Butterbeer or a beer lol so I got both! 😂😂

It's pretty much the only reason I go. :P I wish the Hot Butterbeer was served all year long!

It's not refreshing at all, it's gross

Nah, the Duff was pretty good though

during Christmas in the Wizarding world ❤️

Love the butterbeer. I'm developing my alcoholic version for marketing soon.

The Frozen Butterbeer is so good. I love it a lot, I can use one right now.

I had a duff beer was a good pint needed to be at 13 dollar a pop 😂😂😂

Samuel Weidenhofer wanna be back there. The frozen butterbeer was delicious :)

Jennifer Darling Hadaway Connie Colvin Shay Mire Herndon can’t wait we all have to get together sometime during this trip and have one together ♥️

I have been drinking butter and coconut oil in my morning coffee. A couple whirls in the bullet and it is awesome. It will keep you going all morning. Just not a beer drinker unless your talking about those Rickers Rattlers.

I’ll try and bring some cups back Fiona!

Had one last Tuesday, aling with frozen butterbeer!

Justin Scaggs we gonna buy Ana Ruiz one and then listen to her talk about hating cream soda afterwards 😳😳😳😳


I travel to LA in June, but unfortunatelly I can't visit here again :( I could not save enough money for the ticket.

The butterbeer at the Making of Harry Potter in London trumps this one!

Its my absolute favorite! Im excited to come back in May for another butterbeer

Yes please!! I think we had four through out the day while we were there , lol. All shared of course !!;) we liked it cold right out of the tap!

Wonder what it tastes like Christopher Garcia butterbeer

We were there last week. Loved the Butterbeer!

Universal Studios Hollywood - We have the local pass but originally only bought it for my older daughter and myself, wanted to let my youngest daughter get taller but now we missed out on the local pass, as it's been discontinued. Are you going to have something similar for the last nine months of the year...? I saw an article about the Silver pass, but will need to research it.

Denny MacHarg We need to go back! I need a butterbeer!! 😂

Mira Alberto Flores de todo tenemos foto creo ya es nuestro segundo hogar jejejee 😍

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Heading to Sunday brunch like... ...

Heading to Sunday brunch like...


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Beautiful Marilyn ❤️

JC Crespo yα t ví αl lαdσ dє єѕtα chulαdα...lα вrσncα єѕ quє tє dєjєn tσmαrtєlα..! чσ чα tє ví..! 😂

Spider-Man rescues Marilyn Monroe.

Love my Marilyn!

Nice pic

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Marilyn “Imposters” Lol, Bla-ha-ha, (What did we “Marilyn” start here Guys)?? Lol, Bla-ha-ha!!

in the VIP area too

Mira Antonieta me encantan este tipo de lentes de sol 😎

great pix!



You guys should build a magic mirror in the Harry Potter waiting line that allows you to cast spells in line while you are in the castle waiting for the ride.

More posts on vacationing ok? who agrees?

loving the post

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We’re looking at you, Slytherin house. ...


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Can we know the date of the light show pls

Whatever it is you can’t prove anything!

Omg Tyler Robinson we have to stay for this!!

Slytherin Pride WOO!


Cause it’s the best house. 👍🏻

Denise hvis voldemort havet vundet The battle of Hogwarts, havet skole nok set sådan her ude😂

Jane Boulter...this is Tamilyn’s bucket list when we get to LA

I like Gryffindor because Harry potter is in Gryffindor

Well a radio in my body said I was a billionair but I have not seen it in a bank thing. Anyways the previous post was just an idea.

sheers to the house of the great ones , always and forever.

I enjoy the video very much. It looks so amazing. I'm more towards the Gryffindor house, not a Slytherin fan at all.

Lisa Rodriguez I know you are Gryffindor, but still looks awesome.

Anyone who says they belong in Gryffindor, clearly belongs in Slytherin

Meagan Ann when can we go together?! Let’s pick a day when I see you tonight 😘

Mayra Regalado look what you gonna miss out on


Jake Miller omg babe!!!!!YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Marylin Franny pourquoi j’y suis pas! 😣😫

Alexis Ok, but when are they gonna add Diagon Alley to the Hollywood location 😭😭😭

Victoria Morales what if this was the permanent lighting

Fernando Carreño o castelo se pintando de sonserino como vc

Wheres ravenclaw! Lol

Lydia Wong how do they know tho??


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