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Oscars 2018: Here’s what people were saying about the E! Academy Awards red carpet coverage

Oscars 2018: Here’s what people were saying about the E! Academy Awards red carpet coverage


Ryan Seacrest was hosting from the red carpet.

The Oscars 2018 red carpet is underway and people had some serious thoughts about this year’s Academy Awards red carpet.

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2 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Have you watched (and rewatched) our #SFGCommercials yet?

#SFGiantsIf Hunter Pence weren't a player, he'd be a local Bay Area artist whose favorite colors are orange and black. It doesn't get more SF About Major League Baseb... ...

Video image


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4 hours ago

San Francisco Giants

Five. More. Days. #OpeningDay #SFGiants ...

Five. More. Days. #OpeningDay #SFGiants


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I have to say, this latest news of Madison B and Jeff S does make a fan feel uneasy about starting the 2018 season without a strong enough pitching rotation! Yet, we never know who or when someone will step up by pitching or playing out of their minds. Season isn't over in April.....let's just wait and see what the FO does and who will surprise us this season!!! Hoping for the best outcome from these unexpected injuries!

Sadly I've lost a lot of excitement for this season.


Time to see which of the rookie pitchers can help carry the team to the all-star break. Go Giants!

Is it time yet to admit that the Giants blundered by not going after Jake Arrieta, so they could stay under the luxury tax?

Maybe the majority of us wish it was 6-8 weeks.😂

Well just remember it's not a sprint, it's a marathon... 162 games to go, just need to make the wildcard

Well, time to circle the wagons. Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!

This will definitely be challenging, but gotta stay positive...GO GIANTS ⚾⚾⚾

The article I read yesterday from CBS sports said MadBum could possibly be out until the all-star break. Those little bones in your hand take a long time to heal. Two surgeries for pins in and pins out and re-hab. I still have faith, but this hurts. Let’s go Giants!!!

Difficult to get excited with no pitchers to bring up from the minors. So, two weeks of four-man rotation, in the meantime get Chris Heston some work at AAA. Bring him up in mid-April and survive until Samardzjia can return. And, hopefully score a lot of runs.

Blach did a commendable job filling in for MadBum last year, but the offense was so bad that it didn't matter. They should have a better offense this year, so if they can have the pitchers be okay (not great), then maybe the offense can keep the team in it for a while. The biggest difficulty is that they have to face the Dodgers 10 times in the first 33 days.

After being at SpringTraining yesterday and watching Bum’s hand get fractured and knowing Samardzija is out for at least a month, I’m afraid this season will be a bust again. Sure hope I’m wrong on this one. 😪

No bumgarner hahahhaa who they gonna root for now panda horse or duck or? Lol

After this spring, we’re in for a looong year. Atleast now bonehead Bobby won’t have an excuse not to just rebuild.

Keep Believing in Our Giants. True Fans never doubt them. Go Giants

We are screwed. We have 0 pitching depth so we will have to win 10-9 every night till probably June

With the recent pitching injuries, the offense will need to be potent to make up for the runs that the starters will be giving up.

Play Ball!!!!!

Go Giants!❤ #oldtimer

Wheels are coming off the train, but if the offense can score and the youth can pitch....

Wish it was more like 55 days.

Key injuries and the season hasn't started. 😫

Let’s hope it’s nothing like last season

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1 day ago


Get your fresh avocado fix at this year’s Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, now-April 12. But hurry, time’s running out! ...


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The best was the Mac n cheese with bacon and jalapeños. The slider with the guacamole would be good if the meat was fully cooked.

Larissa Jack we have 20 days to get there and get guac

Maria Korey now you see why im like dis

Mike Parra Vegas Eddie James So mad I won't make it for the festival.

Charlotte Ort il est plus beau que mon.avocat ds ma salade rapide 😂

Leah Disney and avocado could it get any better?

John have you been to the Food & Wine festival yet??

I was looking forward to this stand, but was disappointed in the food.

Corrina Corrina why does this make me think of you immediately, I mean immediately???!!!

Paulina Esparza ya borre tu foto jugo jajaja la subí porque me gusto como salimos lo siento

Agnes Harðardóttir why is our apartment the theme of this year's food and wine festival at disney?

They kept selling out of the avocado sliders last weekend so definitely go during the week. Didn’t get a chance to try them 😔

Sally Tu I saw avocado and I thought of you and your salt and pepper

avocado taste better w sugar believe me, I did that most of the time

Ella Isaac seriously?! This looks yummy! If we were two weeks later, I would have had two...ok three! Yum!

Marie Corona omg what??!! I’ll b eating guac all day!! 😍🙌 can’t wait!!

Hillary Wolford I’ll sacrifice my nonchalantness of avocados for you to go to this

Love so much, almost never drink it.

Robert...I guess Disney took our suggestion to the MAX!!

Take me Stina Godinez i want avocados and that big beer mug !!!!

Holy guacamole!! John Kozlowski David Guyon forget Easter! Let’s do Disney!!!

Good thing I didn't go...I'm allergic.😶

Craig Hann This is why you’ll love Disneyland x

My dream. Disneyland and avocados haha Jackie Ally Hoani 💕

Umm we have to get there before April 12 Andrew

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1 day ago


There’s only one word to describe the grand Pixar Fest celebration running from April 13 through September 3. Okay, maybe two! ...


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I took my two kids to Disneyland California two weeks ago and it was beautiful and everything BUT it was very crowded we couldn’t do anything we couldn’t ride anything the waiting time in lines was over an hour. I think they need to do something about that like increase the rides or at least put limit to the number of people that they can get in each day. Sadly it was a waste of money.

All the people complaining about prices 😂! . And comparing prices when it was in the 60’s, well theres more rides, wages have gone up Its a luxury not a right

After living in California for 23 years, I have to admit that although I once went to California Adventure in Anaheim because Marsha had won tickets, I was never in Disneyland because I couldn't afford the ridiculously expensive tickets, even though I lived only a couple of miles away.....

I don't think it's over priced,the fun and things to do are well worth the money spent.Everything in entertainment is expensive .I have been there 3 times and looking to go again soon.

People think it’s too expensive but it really isn’t it worth it every penny all you pay for is your food and souvenirs

Timing on this was AWFUL! Already planned this year's trip, and they start this the day we COME BACK HOME! Why couldn't they have started it on the Monday before? 😥😥😥😥

People who only see the park as a price and rides don't understand the magic and the beautiful work they do there. Yes they have gone up in price but all I see is the magic in the park. It's a wonderful experience every time

I used to watch the fireworks show almost every night---I lived that close, but living and working in California, I could never afford to be there....

Everyone should go and experience The Happiest Place on Earth!
Especially now!
You can't put a price on memories!

Disneyland is very expensive, but we love going so much that we go every other year. I've been going there since the mid 80s. I'm guessing I've been there close to 14 times and Walt Disney World 3 times. I remember when Big Thunder was only 5 years old and watched as Splash Mountain was being built. I saw it before Toon Town and the Indiana Jones ride was put in. That was the days before Disneys California Adventure was thought of and it was nothing but a vast open parking lot with a tram that would take you to the front gates. Those were the old days and so much has changed!

Hmmm. I like Disneyland and WDW, but... wages are stagnant, but they raise ticket prices and parking fees way above inflation rates, which flies in the face of the folksy image they seek to project. We were planning a visit but now unsure.

Definitely worth the money!!! Yea the first day is pricey but for very little difference you get extra days. So worth it even taking my 2 nieces when I take my son for his birthday. And we are coming from Canada :)

It is so sad that it is a great place for children, but is unaffordable. The prices are way too high for families with multiple children.

Too much money .... standing in line too long .. CEOs salary too high ... this is the elite riches playground. Too bad not Disney's intention.

Dora's band won a competition and is flying today to record in the Disney Studio and later will play for the crowd there❣️

Okay, I think I'm going to need my Pixie Planner to help me plan a trip, and also help me figure out how to get 2 little girls out of town in April or early May. Maybe April 12, 13, 14th?

So my nephew Rhino and Family are in Florida to see his dad and to visit Disney World.......lucky buggah 😂

Jason Ramos I can’t wait to see this! We need to watch the fireworks show on the castle next time we go!

Yes that's my plans t would love to take my grandkids to Disneyland in 2yr Hailama will be 5YR old and ready to go

It have been to it, its worth it, my ex wife’s dad works for Disney so going there was like going to the beach and his tickets were park hoppers but by far the Pixar parade is super super fun.

Victoria Can we like kill two birds with one stone and do Pixar fest and Food & Wine? Or do they not overlap? haha

Dawn - I don't know if they have this at the Paris Disneyland as well - but thought Adam would be interested

Nhai... vou perder 😭
Deviam ter anunciado antes! Muito em cima da hora...
Marquei minhas visitas para outros dias, mas estarei por perto... 😩

Mindy I’ve tried guilt, concerts and just flat out begging, but I think I’ve FINALLY have the key to getting you down here ASAP! 😉😂

Kat Lindsay Dylan Dustin Stephanie ........they keep giving us more and more reasons to go back asap!

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Buster Posey + a puppy named Buster. Seriously.

#NationalPuppyDay | #SFGiants ...


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Here's our pup Buster Mosey (in back) with his very good friend Hunter!

Here’s our Buster watching the Winter Olympics. He can’t wait for baseball season to start. He gets so excited when we cheer on Buster to hit a home run!

This is my “puppy” Buster Posey (that’s his actual name). Whenever my daughter and I watch the games and we yell Buster Posey he comes running. He’s my best friend 😊

My puppy's name is Posey (named after Buster Posey, of course) and today is her 3rd birthday!!!! You can't tell in the pic, but that's a Giants collar she is wearing 😀

I just watched the character Jack Crabbe eat a puppy that his adoptive Cheyenne mom boiled up for him in the movie "Little Big Man." Greasy. Not cute. But timely. (Streaming on amazon, fyi)

Our puppy says “Hey, I’m Buster too!!” 🐶 He’s even got the orange collar to prove it. #nationalpupppyday ❤️

This is our rescue cat, Buster Posey, and yes, it's his full name. My husband named him the moment he saw him. Our Buster loves to play fetch, and when you toss him his toy, he slides sideways like he's sliding into a base. It's the funniest thing to watch. We have him harness, lead, and tether trained. He's outgrown his orange and black collar. We have to get him a new one.

My male is named, “ Buster Posey Kelly” his papers say that too!! He is in the back with the Giants tag!!

Our school fundraiser auction had two puppies on the auction block: Buster and Posey.
They brought in a lot of money. 🙂

This is my dog not named Buster.
His name is Mr Hank and he is recuperating from a large seizure and he can’t wait for the season to start !

Here’s our Posey (right) and Timmy (left) ❤️

Here is Posey. When I went to the animal rescue NOAH, I originally was thinking of getting a boy, already had the name Buster picked out, but then this little girl stole my heart. So I was like, Buster won’t work ... so named her Posey 🤗

We’ve got a Posey too. Though we spell it Posy so as not to jinx him. Born the week he came up to the majors, adopted a week after he brought home his first championship!!

My dog's name is Buster Posey too. He was born in July, 2009. I was in line an the grocery some time ago and the guy in front of me had a Buster jersey on. I complemented him for it. Turns out he was the owner of Bear Republic Brewery and his son has a Buster Posey,

We too have a dog named buster. Hes very happy and crazy at the same time..hes the one smiling lol xD

We should organize a Buster Posey photo shoot with all dogs named Buster Posey. It can be a fund raiser - individual canine Busters posing with the real Posey!

My rescue pup Duffy is looking forward to opening day! He and his cat-bro Buster Posey are big San Francisco Giants fans!

This is a photo of our family golden, Posey! He's basically an oversized lap dog. My mom is his favorite person and he always has something in his mouth!

Here’s my puppy “Buster the Giant Panda.” He loves baseball season because my boys are outside practicing and he helps them field grounders!

Our Posey! When we went to pick her out, she was the only black schnauzer and she was wearing an orange collar. Perfect name!

We have a seven year old yellow lab named "Buster Posey, Puppy of the Year". He is Buster-sweet, a good watch dog, and a handsome guy.

We got a puppy last year and named him Milan Lucic (we're from Edmonton and love hockey and my fiancé decided on the name). But, he promised next puppy we get I can name him Buster Posey❤️

Eight years ago our Vet told us our new kitten was a female. We named “her” Posey. Nine months later when we took “her” in to be spayed, we were informed that “she” was a he. Too late to name him Buster.

This is my boy Buster Posey, he is the best dog ever. His mom is an old English bulldog, dad border collie ( he came in my besties dog door.

Here is our Buster! He is a big goofy baby. My daughter named him (not intentionally after Buster Posey...she was 5). #boxerbusterboy

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Looking for something good to read instead of Spring cleaning? Checkout the California Reads 2018 Spring Selections. #CaliforniaReads ...

Looking for something good to read instead of Spring cleaning?  Checkout the California Reads 2018 Spring Selections.  #CaliforniaReads

#OpeningDay is 1 week away. Remember this? #TBT #SFGiants ...


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Yeah I do. Then, Melancon blew the save!

Miss Mad Bum!! Can’t wait to see him play again this year!! Stay always from the ATV’s buddy!! Go GIANTS!!

I wanna see mad-bum in the HR derby this year

Giants still lost that game and from that point on it was a disappointing season for the Giants and their Giants fans in 2017 LOL

We were there...and some idiot was like hang on to your tickets...MadBaum is pitching a no hitter and has hit 2 home runs...It’s going to be a historical game...They lost! Obviously no one taught that dude S.A.

Never get tired of seeing that, would love to see that in an American league ballpark, watch the jaws drop from all the d.h. supporters.

Yeah, for sure but why are the Baseball gods against us. Bumgarner out with broken hand in spring training game.... [email protected]!

The problem is that people do remember that as the highlight of a season that fell apart a mere few innings later. But it was a great moment.

Chase Field, I was probably there. To bad I moved back to CA and can’t afford the price the Giants charge for a seat.

This Season is dedicated to Bummy.... Because Boch and I already talked and we hate to see him not get that no-no all the time and having a hard time. So we gotta get him that and a Cy Young. Then we will be peacefully happy.

Yeah, I love to watch that beautiful homer by our MadBum!!!! May there be more home runs this year! Have a great season Giants!!!

Incredible 2 homer, 7 strikeout game by Bumgarner! Too bad we pissed it away by blowing it at the end.🤦‍♂️ Let’s hope 2018 starts off much better🙏Go Giants!

Unfortunately I do because my boys LOST this game! I love that MadBum can rake but we need the W baby!

Disparaging prediction from Sports Illustrated,They will look like fools at the end of the season,they don't know the heart and soul of this team.ADVERSITY ONLY MADE US BETTER.

Get ready, gang. He lifts hickory trees on his property in the off season, among other incredible things. Hurry up, MadBum. We miss you.

Yep...MadBum becomes the 1st pitcher in history to hit HRs on opening day. Melancon set the table for the season blowing the first of many saves...

Merryann Barr - what kind of bad luck jinx mojo stink did you guys have on you for this to happen and the Giants STILL lose the game??? LOLOL

That's MadBum???? I don't think I've ever seen a pitcher hit a bigger homerun in my near 30 years of watching baseball. Just wow.

I wish he would bat in every game. If I am Madbum. I would want to play in the American league so he could DH when he is not pitching.

Took my son and dad to that game in AZ. I have to say, other than Melancon blowing the lead in the 9th, it was a good time. Go Giants!! Can't wait.

Uh... didn't they lose that game?
The upside is that MadBum led the league in Slugging Percentage that week (seriously)

Wish I could watch, will be blacked out where I live...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 (so angry I don’t get to watch on Direct Tv🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬)

Mad bum does it all...literally...Practically carried the Giants to a World Series title, a few years back.

That was that pictures last pitch in the big league career that he had. If you even want to call it a career.

High point of the season too. Melancon’s 9th kind of said it all, at least what we were going to see in 2017.

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The March for our Lives to end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools is Saturday, March 24.

Find an event near you, and get resources here: ...

The March for our Lives to end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools is Saturday, March 24. 

Find an event near you, and get resources here:

3 days ago


Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine makes a special festival appearance March 30 at the Hyperion. Space is limited —so get cooking! #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #FoodandWine ...


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Not sure this is helpful to Disney brand. He is too tarnished with the embellishments saga.

Isn’t this the guy who made up a lot of his resume?

I can't afford Disneyland anymore. you kidding????

Bonnie Yoon so you can learn to make pasta

He’s hot....🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Not sure he should be with Disney.

Omg I love him! Dezare



Kevin Franco

Pam Parsons Johnson shoot after we leave

Belle Sarah Nicole Cebreros

Kenneth Yontwises

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