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Oscars 2018: The #MeToo awards show was really about all of us

Oscars 2018: The #MeToo awards show was really about all of us


KARLA PETERSON: It turns out a little #MeToo mojo was just what Oscar 2018 needed. That, and Frances McDormand. Here's my review of the broadcast.

With heartfelt speeches and a rainbow coalition of winners, the first post #MeToo Oscar broadcast let the art and the artists do the important talking.

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Radar Update 12:56 PM - Scattered showers continue to move across the region producing moderate to heavy rain (snow above 3,500 ft). #cawx

Plan ahead for temporary street closures on Sunday, March 25, for the #Oakland Marathon. Starts at 7am from MacArthur & Lakeshore with runners racing on a new route through downtown, West Oakland, Northgate and more. Course map and detour info at

The #KingTut exhibit opens today at the @casciencecenter 👀Here's everything you need to know about the exhibit ✨#losangeles #kingtuttour

We’re heading to #SantaBarbara for the weekend on @Amtrak's @PacSurfliners! Follow our Insta Story to explore @SantaBarbara with us – we can’t wait! 😎✨

Big thanks to the listener who corrected me: In Sacramento, the J Street exit on both directions of I-5 are closed. You can still drive through I-5, you just can't exit for J Street from either side. Sorry for the confusion.


CORE Tip of the Week: Tsunami Awareness Week 3/26 - 3/30 What Natural Hazards Impact Your Neighborhood?

Due to today's protest, SacRT buses are unable to get into the Sac Valley light rail station. Passengers waiting at Sac Valley should walk to the bus stops on 4th and J or 6th and J to make their connection. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Today's protest in downtown Sacramento is causing rolling street closures in the area. This is having an impact on transit service as buses are being forced to detour due to temporary street closures. We apologize for the inconvenience.


How much did the atmospheric river event help out with #SoCal seasonal rainfall??? Here are the precipitation numbers and % of normal for the season. #cawx #larain #AtmosphericRiver

Traffic Alert: A protest is planned today, 3/23 on Capitol Mall. Scheduled to begin noon at Tower Bridge then head east to the West Steps of the Capitol via Capitol Mall. Traffic delays are expected 12-1 pm. Consider alternative routes and/or provide additional commute time.

Celebrate #NationalPuppyDay at these L.A. breweries 😍 WARNING: These photos will melt your dog-loving heart ❤️

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4 minutes ago

The Fresno Bee

Fans flock to see and pose for photos with celebrity Jeffree Starr at Morphe grand opening in Fresno's Fashion Fair shopping center Saturday morning, March 24, 2018. ...


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If you couldn't get to Fashion Fair this morning, here's Jeffree Star

24 minutes ago

The Sacramento Bee

Veteran civil rights attorney Mark Reichel reviews footage from the Stephon Clark shooting by Sacramento police. ...


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Read more about his conclusions here:

Get caught up on Stephon Clark coverage:

It's sad. What's even worse are the keyboard warriors out here feeding their own ego's yea the same people who do nothing but Express their opinion but won't move a muscle to do anything positive out here. It's also sad that the kids will one day run into this video and see how their dad died. Hopefully we can have a better future. I have faith in my city

48 minutes ago

The Sacramento Bee

Crowds gather at California state Capitol to call for gun reform ...


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Here's our story on the march:

We're listening to the young and immature people tell us what to do but we didn't listen to the young man cry for help before he unfortunately murdered students.

I just hope someone is there registering them all to vote

Yes! We do need more gun control across America! Also ,more mental health facilities! Schools can’t do it alone!!👍👍

Up here in all this talk about how peaceful they are but some of those young people protest and have already had several violent protests where they destroyed property. So stop with the fake stuff already.

Hey Black Lives Matter this is how you protest.
So very proud of the youth of this country.

And the children will lead.

Why don't you go for dumb Donald in the first place you zombie

I run it I hear a bunch of angry kids telling adults what to do because I'm angry kid murdered some people wow

I'm not saying to take guns away but maybe monitor who gets them


Learn some history about gun control....and the after effects....


Love seeing young people getting involved. 💗

Fake Crocodile tears

I hear anger

Protect our gun rights.


Angry Kids telling adults what to do because an Angry Kid kill someone





Stupid children

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1 hour ago

The Sacramento Bee

Protesters amass at the steps of state Capitol in Sacramento during the #MarchForOurLives demonstration calling for gun control. ...


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Analysis of gun control legislation in California:

Read about today's march here:

Here's our coverage of last night's Stephon Clark protest:

This is Not a Rally For Stephon Clark This is The March for Our Lives Rally against Gun Violence in our Schools Don't Get the Two issues Mixed! Stephon Clark has nothing to do with this Issue or Rally!

They need to teach the police how to protect instead of serve

Now that is the way to do it....peaceful and at the Governor's palace

Prayers for PEACE Prayers for Stephon Clark and his family

Who is behind or what organization is grueling this protest?

chanting stephon name.... where does it say its for him????

Lets shot the police 20 plus rounds. Just saying

If it was up to the police they would reloaded and unloaded more rounds on him. #ftp

Can you get a better angle Plz? Cant be there but appreciate the coverage!

It’s started here by an 18 year old high school graduate

Go home! You lost all respect last night when u acted like animals

Hopefully it’s peaceful ❤️❤️











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3 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Home game tomorrow! Parking will cost $50 for Giants fans during the 2018 season. A’s Season Ticket Members prepaid parking is $10 and general A’s fans will pay $30.

“Any Giants fan who yells ‘Go A’s’ at the parking gates will be charged only $30 to enter the Oakland Coliseum,” said Dave Kaval.

Due to the dual event, public transportation is recommended. ...

Home game tomorrow! Parking will cost $50 for Giants fans during the 2018 season. A’s Season Ticket Members prepaid parking is $10 and general A’s fans will pay $30.
“Any Giants fan who yells ‘Go A’s’ at the parking gates will be charged only $30 to enter the Oakland Coliseum,” said Dave Kaval.

Due to the dual event, public transportation is recommended.


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Stop complaining about $30. It’s cheaper than MOSTLY ALL BALLPARK PARKING! Besides, if y’all are true fans, price wouldn’t matter too much. Look at how much they pay for season tickets, parking, food, etc., at other ballparks... some of y’all will cry over anything.

Aren't you trying to draw fans or did I miss something. When parking costs more than the ticket your priorities are off.

30 dollars for parking is too much

Brandon, what makes you think my informing people that the $30.00 parking price is here to stay = a complaint? I am simply clearing up any confusion/misinformation. Not once did you see me complain about the price. Back off dude.

I thought this was funny, until I realized parking increased by 50%. Trying to use humour to distract us, sneaky 😉 (I hope my math is right)

Haha.. charging giants fans more. That's amazing.

If parking is $30, you just lost me for the few games I'm able to attend each year, and I've been attending since 1971.

This question may have been asked and answered, but I didn’t see it in the comments section. But, with parking being $30 this weekend with the Giants v. A’s game will this be the price all year or will it be back to the standard $20?

Oakland parking is usually 20 if they raised it $10 it’s the first time they raised parking in 10 years not an issue

As much as I love the A's I make it a point to never be disrespectful towards fans of other teams. I realize that baseball is just a game, and we all have personal reasons why we root for the teams we do. Making Giants fans pay more for parking seems like it may be crossing that line. I hope the Giants fans who attend the game at OCo don't get offended and are still able to have a good time.

Oakland parking is usually 20 is it 30 for tomorrow or for every game now

This Giants fan will happily not go to your shithole of a stadium 🤗 I’d rather ride the train in San Fran or pay just $10 in LA than see the cracks in the concrete at

Josh McKibbins you see this?

Brigitte Dana Racheal Sarah Sabrina y'all might want to yell "Go A's" at the parking gates and save yourselves $20 😂😂 💚💛⚾️ Larry Wood did you see this haha...

If this is real that’s awesome. Say it giant fans. Go A’s!

Charging giants fans more for parking that’s awesome😂😂😂

Wondering if anybody knows where I can get one of the A’s ticket coupon pamphlets!! I got one last year but haven’t seen anyone selling them this year 🆘

Supply and demand people! Only thing worst than slightly more expensive parking is no parking available.

Cheo Silva wussup fool your fan base weak af or what? Lol dont got enough As fans in the bay anymore so you tryna steal ours?

It's just for this series since so many bay area fans are attending. They are pushing other means of getting to the game. Besides, the thirty dollars will help pay for all the hats they will be exchanging.. GO A'S!! 😎.

Thanks for 30 bucks for parking I’m just gonna stay home and watch on TV

Tanner Clark u can trade in your pumpkin top for a real hat!

Well parking in SF is $38 and further away at their stadium. You can at least tailgate here
Pick your poison

Your inferiority complex is showing.

Always glad I have access to BART.

Dual event why costs so much

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19 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Swing by the Community Corner (section 218) and purchase a Grab Bag for sweet A's merchandise! Every bag is different, and proceeds will go to the A’s Community Fund. #RootedInOakland ...


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Can i purchase one online?

Will these be available during the March 31st game?

How much are the bags?

Is this happening every game?

I live out of state and would like to purchase a couple of these if possible. Please let me know if there is a way. Oakland Athletics

Is the 4/21 Warriors crossover hat a promotional purchase or a giveaway?

Hello every one is there any one in need of a loan? If yes kindly contact fund lender company at [email protected]

Looking to purchase the shirts that are in pic three (XL). Someone shoot me a price with shipping to 46239. Thanks

I'll be getting one on opening day!

my bet is on wednesdays maybe to go with those tickets? But hopefully wrong and everyday

Nice when can we get one of these Grab Bags???

Henry J. Rodriquez get one of these for caiden

Gloria Let’s not forget these on Sunday.

I’d buy like 10

Helen we gotta remember this!

Mike Rob don’t let me forget about this (if it’s still happening thurs )

Is this available all season long

Will this be happening on Sunday?

Following this thread....

Rachel I am getting a bag for you and 2 for me!

This is AWESOME.

Alyssa Watkins Erica Nichole Dickey Traci Watkins but I can’t find out if it will be every game...

How much?

Remind me

When is that day the rootedin Oakland Athletics

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21 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Have a day, Jake!


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Mike you have a great son good job mom and dad keep sending pictures I love watching them

What a career day. You must be very proud.

Smol gets better every game, he is amazing and full of heart, a rare player in the Majors

Jake and Pinder taking care of CF, best option i'm thinkin'

Give that dude a roster spot.

Hopefully he can stay healthy, I think he'll be an impactful platoon player against lefties if he does.

jake can pound the ball! not a bad fielder, either!

He hit a homerun off me in high school I suddenly don’t feel bad anymore lol hope he makes the team

Let’s Go Oakland!!!!

Like, he's pickin' his spots already! Shouldn't he be battin' clean-up?

Smoke Linski !

Thanks for listening to me

Brent Ritter ... Go Jake!!!

Smolinki auto parts. Beniakem #Tommyboy



Nutter puffs?

Tony Hunhoff

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23 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Luzardo spent part of his day fishing.


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Thats Trouts 1st strike out of preseason too.

Luzardo is going to be a beast. Puk-Luz-Kap-Manaea-Graveman is a solid looking future rotation.

Daniel Haiek if this video doesn't make you think twice about drafting Mike trout first then I don't know what will!

This kid is the real deal he was good for the lake Monsters last year

Season hasn’t even started and one picture needs Tommy John and two others are shut down feels like a long season already

Rob Eustice the talent never stops for these A’s. Can’t wait to see what fabulous talent we dump at the all star break

Kid is the real deal. Hope to see him up next Fall

Mark, this was Trout's first strikeout this spring

Brandon Matthew

Sandra Ruiz

Clay Haas

Miguel Esparza

24 hours ago

Oakland Athletics

Smolinski ➡️ triple.
Semien ➡️ double.
A's ➡️ 1-0.


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Is this televised?

How come other teams televise a lot of their games, but not Oakland? And when they do get on TV it’s usually the other teams feed with their announcers?

See you guys on Sunday!!
Can’t wait 😊

Davis -> another team for prospects.

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